7 Awesome as-Seen-on-TV Products ...


7 Awesome as-Seen-on-TV Products ...
7 Awesome as-Seen-on-TV Products ...

As-Seen-on-TV products are fun. Usually they are kind of crap, but they're still fun – and oh, so tempting to buy! Some of them have gotten downright iconic, some of them are practical, and some of them are weird. They range from the sublime to the ridiculous. See what's what with these 7 awesome As-Seen-on-TV products!

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Bumpits Price: $6.59 at amazon.com
Ah, Bumpits! For that Snooki look! I confess, I have some of these. My hair has always been too short to wear them, but I can't wait until I have the patience to let it grow out a bit, because I further confess, I want to try these. You know, just as an experiment. What?


Big Top Cupcake

Big Top Cupcake Price: $21.99 at amazon.com
If you've ever wanted to make a really big cupcake, here you go. Big Top Cupcake promises you a cupcake 25 times the size of a normal one! Why would you want that? Well, honestly, it could be fun for birthday parties and things, so that's pretty cool. Still, though, that's a really ginormous cupcake. Anyone know if these work?


The Perfect Brownie

The Perfect Brownie Price: $21.66 at amazon.com
I actually kind of want this little tray. I mean, it's really simple, there's nothing at all complex or complicated about it – but that would be so helpful. I suck at cutting straight lines. By brownies and cake pieces always end up looking like they've been hacked at by a two year old with no motor skills whatsoever.


Doggie Steps

Doggie Steps Price: $19.97 at amazon.com
All right, this product is actually helpful. I have a hardwood floor, a high bed, and a dog with short, tiny little legs (and scrumptious, chubby little paws, but that's besides the point). You do the math. These steps are also great for older dogs who may have hip problems, or just can't jump up and down the way they used it. They also work as a preventative measure against hip and joint problems.


Ice Cream Ball

Ice Cream Ball Price: $24.97 at amazon.com
This … okay. Well. I get it. I guess. You can make ice cream anywhere. I mean, that's cool. It's a simpler way to make homemade ice cream, that's for sure. Of course, the flavors you buy for this thing cost like $13, so I mean, you could just buy a carton of ice cream, but still. Okay. Or can you use your own flavors? Who has tried this? Details!



Snuggie Price: $12.99 at amazon.com
Oh, the iconic Snuggie! We have one. The dogs use it. I don't like it. The velcro always comes undone, I trip over the bottom, the arms still get in my way, and it just feels weird. But still, the world at large has Snuggiemania, so they must be doing something right. Right?



BeDazzler Price: $18.24 at amazon.com
Do you want sequins and beads and things on your clothes? Do you want to dazzle everyone? Do you want to be a trendsetter? Then buy your clothes that way and stay away from the BeDazzler! Haha, just kidding – kind of. This thing has risen from the dead with a vengeance. I'm totally bedazzled by the number of BeDazzled clothing I see.

I always have to hold myself back from making odd purchases off the TV. Do you? What are your favorite As-Seen-on-TV products?

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I like snuggies that are off brand, they are far more comfortable. I wouldn't suggest a microplush one. They shed and washing them just makes them worse.

I have an ice cream ball! It takes looooads of ice and yes the ingredients are quite expensive and it takes quite a while and a lot of rolling around but the ice cream at the end of it is so good!

totally agree! I think I would rather buy some ice cream the store. There are a lot of good brands and a million flavors to choose from.

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