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9 Cool Old Genre Video Games ...

By Melanie

My husband is the most intelligent person when it comes to games. I can’t even find a game he hasn’t played or owned when he was a kid. When it comes to old genre games my husband can talk for hours about each game and tell me tons about it. So, I decided to make this blog for you all. Now let me give you my 9 Cool Old Genre Video Games

9 Castlevania

Castlevania Photo Credit: plasticfetish

My favorite Castlevania game was on the old Nintendo called Simons quest. In the game you go through levels fighting the undead to get to Dracula and defeat him at the end. As the series progress it gets more in depth and with each new console out it makes a new path to the series.

8 Final Fantasy Series

Final Fantasy Series Photo Credit: hnbrown

One of the only Final Fantasy games I’ve played was the 3rd one on the SNES, which later became Final Fantasy 6 on ps1. This game was one of the best Final Fantasy I’ve played. However, I’ve kept up with some Final fantasy titles that my husband played and they have some good stories to them.

7 Donkey Kong Country

Donkey Kong Country Photo Credit: Mr._Z

Donkey Kong Country has always been one of my favorite super Nintendo games to play when I was not having a Mario fit. Donkey Kong launched its first side scrolling video game that brought the SNES to a new level of gameplay. Now, they are making a donkey Kong country on the Wii and I can’t wait to play it!

6 Megaman

Megaman Photo Credit: Marcosrg

Megaman has come a long way for all gaming systems in general. The first 5 was on the NES and then the SNES with megaman x. Megaman is also a side scrolling game. The player has to shoot enemies to get to the end boss of the stage. When you get to the end of the stage, you have a choice to which boss and stage you want to challenge next.. One of the hardest games I’ve played for the older genre games.

5 Kirby

Kirby Photo Credit: mirpkered

Kirby came out on the NES originally and was remade on the SNES when the SNES hit the market. Who wouldn’t like a pink cloud puff? He eats his enemies and changes into their form. On the SNES version, you could play 2 players. Me and my husband had some fun with this one.

4 Zelda

Zelda Photo Credit: Morku

When it came to defeating Gannon it was the hardest part I came across on the first Zelda on the NES. They made The Legend of Zelda and Zelda 2 adventures of link for the NES and later made another on the SNES called The Legend of Zelda a Link to the past. All of these games were good and kept me occupied for many hours.

3 Bomberman

Bomberman Photo Credit: herebox

I’m sure you all heard of Bomberman. This game rocks when it comes to the old NES version. The objective of the game is to bomb the enemies without blowing yourself up and to get to the level. When SNES took action and made one for their system, they made the rules a bit different. You could play two player battles and play different features. It’s a hard to find the Bomberman for the SNES.

2 Bubble Bobble

Bubble Bobble Photo Credit: julz111222

This game is a classic and still fun to play. You have to defeat the enemies to each level to advance and to defeat your enemies, you have to turn them into a bubble and jump on their heads. There are over 99 levels in this game. If you ever find Bubble bobble 2, it’s worth over 100$

1 Mario Bros!

Mario Bros! Photo Credit: willianmachado

Now, this is my major favorite game. I get Mario fits all the time. I can hear the music and get in the mood to play. All of the Mario games on the NES, SNES and GB have been beaten by me. The game doesn’t take much to play and it’s the perfect game to relax with. There isn’t an old genre Mario that wasn’t good.

Older games are still in the trend for the new generation of people. The Wii has kept most of the popular titles on the Wii market channel. The PSP also hasn’t lost hope for some Playstation titles that made it big. Do you still catch yourself playing these awesome classics?

Top Photo Credit: benrodian

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