10 Funny Fictional Characters to Follow on Twitter ...


10 Funny Fictional Characters to Follow on Twitter ...
10 Funny Fictional Characters to Follow on Twitter ...

Twitter, the micro-blogging platform, has bred a new type of celebrities: the fictional kind. If you want your Twittertimeline to have an element of imaginative and funny, following these characters is a must.The first five are ladies. For the second set, I found "men."

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@S_SylvesterGLEE Yes, the formidable Cheerios coach from Glee. Let me tell you, her tweets are as scary as her one-liners or rants on the show. And look at that background. Who can even resist following her with that megaphone? Follow her for your daily chuckles.



@DorotaNYC For those who don't know who Dorota is (how could you possibly not know her???), she is Blair's trusty sidekick. Yes, Blair as in the brunette from Gossip Girl. I no longer follow the show religiously because some episodes have gotten a bit blah. So what I do is check out Dorota's Twitter to see if something exciting has happened. The above tweet is an example. Now I'm curious about what happened to Serena.



Oh her tweets are crazy, intense and VERY self-important. Yes, typical Rachel. She does not mention Finn that much, which I think is an oversight but her tweets are fun nonetheless.



@BarbieStyle Of course Barbie has Twitter! How else would she let ladies know about her short beauty and fashion tips. Seriously, she tweets about those. Methinks Barbie's Twittercan replace some fashion and beauty blogs out there.



@BrittanyGLEE I'm still waiting for that book on Brittany one-liners (Glee producers, are you reading this?) so her Twitter will do for now. She is one of the funniest cheerleaders in the history of TV and her tweets are just as hysterical. Follow her!



@darthvader His Twitter is not just for the die-hard Star Wars fans. Although, you know, if you ARE a Star Wars fanatic, you'd probably understand what he tweets about all the time. I can't say the same thing about me but I still hind him very funny.



Yes, the hobbit. If you are an LOTR fan, Frodo would be a great character to follow on Twitter. There are other LOTR characters but right now, Frodo seems to be the most popular. The stoned Gandalf character shows promise, though.



@HomerJSimpson Ahh, Homer. He's still being the "best" father and husband that he is on Twitter. And just like in "real" life, he's still obsessed about beer, food, and being an all-around lazy *ss.



@Broslife "The Fortress of Barnitude." Ha! How funny is that? Follow Barney for tips on how to get girls, be awesome, and rock a suit.



@Lord_Voldemort7 Lord Voldemort is a potty mouth on Twitter but he is hilarious. Follow him but do not make him angry. Or show you're a fan of Disney stars. If you want to argue with him, you'd better have correct grammar and spelling.

I know, I know, there are many more fictional characters tweeting today. Well, that's what the comment section is for! Tell us which fictional characters you follow and we'll be happy to check them out.

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haha, this is awesome. I'll add them all (exept for Barbie), and if they don't tweet too much (that's just annoying), I'll keep them :D

Dorota, Homer and Barney?!!! I'm on it! :D :D I'm not a fan of Lord Voldemort but this one does seem like a lot of fun :D

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