8 Ways SNL Has Gone Downhill ...

There was a time when I was a huge Saturday Night Live fan. I was a supporter, even. I still remember the first episode I saw, back in the early 1990s: I only watched because New Kids on the Block were the musical guests. I'd never watched the show before, didn't know what it was, but I promptly fell in love – and I stuck with it, even through the Chris Elliot years. But now, I just … I can't keep my silence anymore. SNL, this is my Angry Face, and it's aimed at you. Grrr.

1. Too Formulaic

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Everyone knows what's going to happen now. There's going to be some presidential jokes. Whatever up and coming, Hollywood bound cast member happens to be hot that week is going to be featured in almost every sketch. New cast members will try to evoke past cast members, especially if they were more popular. Like how Jimmy Fallon fought so hard to be the new Adam Sandler. It all tastes like beans.

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