7 Cool Phones... for Your House!

Does anyone have a home phone anymore? We all use cell phones, have disconnected our home phone… but I miss having a phone. I don’t miss the phone service, I just miss the actual look and feel of a phone, especially the old, heavy rotary phones. They’re so nifty in a retro sort of way. I’ve been looking for one to add to my credenza for decorative purposes only, and I’ve found quite a few I love! Here are 7 cool phones for your house!

1. Pottery Barn PB Grand Phone

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Price: $59.00 to $79.00 at potterybarn.com
This phone is my favorite, because it has all of the design and styling cues of the retro rotary phones that I love, with modern features like push buttons, flash and redial. Choose from chic black or futuristic silver.

2. Vintage Rotary Phone

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Price: $198.00 at anthropologie.com
This vintage phone, carefully restored by Russell Johnson Imports and sold by Anthrpologie, is the real deal, straight out of my mother’s late 1960’s Harvest Gold and Rust kitchen with the mushroom wallpaper and gold-speckled mirror family room. Choose from green, yellow, or orange; every one has been restored with original parts and vibrant new paint. Use with land lines only, because it won’t work with new-fangled Internet phone.

3. Cheeseburger Phone

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Price: $28.00 at urbanoutfitters.com
While it pains me to think that anything from my own teenage years might be considered retro, during the 1980’s, oddball “concept” furniture and décor was popular, like the Sports Illustrated football phone and the ridiculous (but must-have) burger phone. Juno had one, and she was cool… and now you can have one too!

4. Hello, Operator Phone

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Price: $69.99 at modcloth.com
Bright red, just like your favorite lipstick, you pin-up beauty. This style was popular in the 1950’s, and hasn’t ever gone out of style. Looking for the dial/buttons to call your friends? Look at the bottom… they’re hidden there!

5. Donut Phone

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Price: $49.00 at pbteen.com
I love this phone because it’s so unique… it’s round, and you can personalize it with your name or nickname! I wish it came in other colors, but it’s cool and chic in black!

6. Grand Cordless Phone

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Price: $99.00 at pbteen.com
Looking at the style and design of this phone, you’d never guess that it’s positively modern, with caller ID and, by the way, it’s also cordless! Choose from mint green, bubble-gum pink, or ice blue, and personalize for a little extra money.

7. Look Who’s Calling Salt and Pepper Shakers

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Price: $17.99 at shopruche.com
I am perfectly aware that this isn’t a phone, but this clever little salt and pepper shaker set was so charming I had to include it in this list anyway. I love the way these ceramic miniatures fit together to make a vintage phone… this set would be darling on a small metal tray in the middle of your table, with a found bottle and a spring of flowers.

With so many phones in so many styles (some that even hold table spices), there’s bound to be one that’s functional décor for your house! Which of these phones do you like best, and why? Where would you use it? Please let me know!

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