8 Best Accessories for Your IPhone ...

If you’re one of the lucky ducks who has an iPhone, then I really hope you’re treating it well and are taking very good care of it! The rest of us, like me, who covet having such a marvelous device, watch you very carefully to make sure you’re only using the best apps and accessories, and will gently tsk-tsk if we think you’re stepped wrong. Save yourself some mild embarrassment and be sure you’re only using these 8 best accessories for your iPhone… we’ll chat about apps later!

1. Apple IPhone 4 Dock

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Price: $29.00 at store.apple.com
Recharge and sync your iPhone in this compact, sleek little dock. It features the ability to use your iPhone on speaker while it’s docked and you can also use and recharge the separate iPhone AV cable.

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