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There aren’t to many places I shop on-line on a regular basis. Amazon, though, is my favorite place to shop for many items. Why? Fast service, great prices, instant access, and great service. I decided I would share with you the items I most frequently shop for at Amazon.com. I have found this place almost addicting, and here’s why!

1. DVD’s

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This is just about the only place I buy DVD’s and movies. You can buy used from various sellers, or most DVD’s can be purchased straight fro Amazon. I am a Prime member and get free 2-day shipping. Just last week, I ordered Thursday morning and received my box via UPS Friday afternoon. You can’t beat that!

2. Books

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You can’t beat the selection of books Amazon offers. There are several dealers and vendors who sell on this site and offer excellent prices on new and used books. I have found books for 1 cent, plus $2.99 shipping. SO my book comes delivered to my door for $3.01. Now, that is awesome!

3. Toys

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I generally order Christmas toys from Amazon. They arrive so fast; it’s a great way to order last minute or forgotten gifts. Why, I have even met Santa shopping there the week before Christmas. I guess even the elves fall behind schedule sometimes!

4. Kindle Downloads

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My husband bought me a Kindle for my birthday and I love it. It is easy to download books (or blogs) and begin reading right away. I always anxiously await the arrival of my packages, so instant downloads are instant gratification.

5. Music

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I don’t know how many music CD’s I have bought from Amazon, but it’s a lot! I have never had one arrived damaged and they are top quality. You can also download songs, and even complete CD’s into iTunes, or on to your iPod or MP3.

6. Games

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My family, especially my 6 year old likes to play games. I have bought several games form Amazon. They arrive in excellent condition and always are mailed in a timely manner. Which is nice because my son has the same patience as me.

7. Art Kits

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When it comes to art, three of my children can’t get enough. They take after their mother because when I was a teenager, loved drawing and painting. Amazon offers so many kits and art supplies I never tire of browsing their selections. Crayons, paints, markers, pastels, oils, and much more are waiting for your purchase.

I am an Amazon.com fan. Do you ever shop on line? Do you like Amazon.com?

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