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8 Great Green Hobbies to Try ...

By Alison

More and more people are taking an interest in green activities these days. It may be because we are becoming increasingly aware of our impact on the planet, or because of the difficult economic climate. Whatever the reason, there are lots of environmentally-friendly hobbies you can take up, and here are just some of them.

1 Nature Watching

Nature WatchingPhoto Credit: ♥ Spice ♥

This is a great one to try if you have kids. Take them to the park, or out into the country, and look for birds, insects and trees. Teach them about the world around them, and how to identify different species.

2 Make do and Mend

Make do and MendPhoto Credit: littlelovelies

This old wartime saying is making a comeback, not just out of necessity, but because of a growing interest in reducing consumption. So why not test out your sewing skills? Instead of buying new clothes, remodel old garments. Turn a dress into a skirt, add an embellishment, or use it to make something entirely different.


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3 Let It Grow!

Let It Grow!Photo Credit: Batikart

Space in your garden? Dedicate part of it to an organic vegetable patch. Even if you only have a balcony or terrace, you can grow vegetables in pots. Many urban areas also have allotments. So you can have your own delicious veggies, straight from your own back garden and not imported from thousands of miles away!

4 On Your Bike!

On Your Bike!Photo Credit: Amsterdamize

Take a tip from the cycle-loving Dutch, and get on your bike. Leave the car at home, and not only will you reduce fuel emissions, but you will improve your physical fitness as well. Every little helps!

5 Beekeeping

BeekeepingPhoto Credit: fingtoys

Bet you’d never thought of taking up this hobby! Beekeeping is becoming increasingly popular and deservedly so, since these little insects are a vital part of our ecosystem. So if you have space, join your local group and set up a colony. You will also get your own delicious honey!

6 Volunteer

VolunteerPhoto Credit: nrtphotos

Are you tired of seeing garbage spoiling beauty spots? Do something about it. Join a group or organise a clean-up session, and clear all the litter from your local pond, beach, park or street. Garbage is a risk to wildlife, so you will be doing them a big favour.

7 Reading

ReadingPhoto Credit: lecercle

There are plenty of ways to make reading a green hobby. Instead of buying newspapers, pop down to your local library or read them online. Borrow books from the library, buy them second-hand, and when you’ve finished pass them on to friends or to a charity that can use them to raise funds.

8 Get Creative!

Get Creative!Photo Credit: litchi7.

The sky’s the limit here! Use whatever you have lying around your house to make something from. Old garments can be turned into patchwork or toys, wool jumpers can be unravelled and the yarn reused to crochet a bag, used paper and junk mail converted into papier mache …

This is just a few ideas to start with. No doubt you can add many more suggestions of your own. Are you a Green Babe? Do you love knowing that you have done something to help the Earth?

Top Photo Credit: kees straver (star trail video)

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