7 Trendy Crafts to Try ...


7 Trendy Crafts to Try ...
7 Trendy Crafts to Try ...

There was a time, not so long ago, that crafts were seen as deeply unfashionable. Anyone under 40 would rather have pierced their brain with a knitting needle than use it to make something. Well, things have changed, and it’s becoming trendy to make and create. Here are some suggestions for crafts to try.

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Candlemaking The possibilities are endless! Colors, patterns, decoration … and we all love scented candles, don’t we, girls? They are must have home accessories and would make great gifts as well.

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Knitting No longer something that our grannies did, knitting is making a comeback. Younger women are meeting for "stitch and bitch" sessions, and having FUN! There are some fabulous yarns available now, and even the most incompetent knitter can managea scarf.

Photo Credit: knitting school dropout



Jewelry-making Wandering round a bead shop is like being let loose in a candy store. Just let your imagination go, and create some totallyunique jewelry.

Photo Credit: BlueSunFlower



Tee-designing Grab a plain t-shirt and some fabric paints, and you’ll be sure never to see the same thing on anyone else. Just practice the design on paper first!

Photo Credit: NI-KO



Cardmaking Cardmaking is hugely popular these days. You could try adding the personal touch to birthdays and other events by making some personalized cards for the occasion.

Photo Credit: PlanetCoco


Recycled Crafts

Recycled Crafts Into recycling? Got some old CDs lying around? Turn them into earrings, clocks, coasters, photoframes, mobiles …



Crocheting More fun with wool – crochet a bag. It’s not that difficult to learn, you can pick your colors, and before long you’ll have agreat handbag.

Photo Credit: Ruthiejoy

Fancy having a go at any of these? Are you already crafty?

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