7 Perfect Crafts for Teens ...


7 Perfect Crafts for Teens ...
7 Perfect Crafts for Teens ...

If we are all honest with ourselves, no one ever outgrows crafts so matter how old we get! My mom is over 30 years old and she still enjoys a good project now and then! So whether you admit it, or do it in secret, here are 7 perfect crafts for teens! (but adults will love them too!)

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Tie Dye T-shirts

Tie Dye T-shirts Photo Credit: jtuason

I think we should bring this 80's trend back in! Tie dye shirts are happy and bright and cheerful. You can make a tie dye shirt simple as pie. You will need a 100% cotton t-shirt. Wet it with water, then tie it in two or the knots or twist it and secure with several rubber bands spread out over the shirt. Dip it in a tub full of dye of your choice, let it soak for 20 minutes, then rinse it and hang out to dry! There, you have a Tye dye tee!


Decoupage Collage Box

Decoupage Collage Box Photo Credit: Quoin

Who doesn't love cutting and pasting? Seems we never get too old for this one! Cut out different pictures from magazines that you like and glue them to a box of any size. A shoe box or a jewelry box would be ideal. You can paint it or cover it with solid white paper first if you want. After you glue all your pictures onto the box, you can use markers or stickers to write words or quotes on it. You could glue small gemstones or rocks to the top for extra decorations!


Decoupage allows for immense creativity and personalization. Whether you choose a vintage, modern, or eclectic theme, it's all about expressing yourself. Gather up those old comics, fashion spreads, or even your own artwork. Once you've arranged the cutouts to your liking and sealed them with a decoupage medium like Mod Podge, don’t forget to apply a final coat to protect your design. This glossy or matte finish will not only preserve your work but also give your box that professional touch. Voilà! You’ve now upcycled a simple container into a unique keepsake treasure or a thoughtful handmade gift.


Bath Salts

Bath Salts Photo Credit: Ben Cardy

Here is an idea that makes an excellent gift! Combine equal amounts of Epsom salts and sea salt in a pretty glass bottle. Add a few drops of essential oil or scented oil and a few drops of food coloring in the color of your choice. Shake the bottle well! There, you have just made a batch of bath salts! Tie a ribbon around the bottle for a pretty touch!


Beaded Jewelry

Beaded Jewelry Photo Credit: Lidia Luz

Beaded jewelry is probably one of the first crafts we all attempt. Don't you remember the necklaces you and your best friend made each other in first grade? However, with all the advancements in beads these days, you can get just about any kind you want, from glass, to clay or plastic. Check out your local craft supply store for different types of beads, charms, threads and even instruction booklets on how to make jewelry with wire and hemp.


Jean Purse

Jean Purse Photo Credit: Urban Woodswalker

These little jean purses are so simple to make and require little effort. They make awesome gifts too! Take a pair of old jeans you don't wear any more, and cut the legs off. then sew the bottom shut straight across. You can then decorate it any way you desire, use hot glue to affix beads and gems, sew on appliques or use fabric paint to write your name on the back. If you want a handle, use some ribbon, or make one out of one of the legs you cut of the jeans.


Scrap Booking

Scrap Booking Photo Credit: monique(moki)

Scrap booking is a neat hobby and a great way to preserve memories! You can buy pretty paper and lots of decorative borders in bulk in places like Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby. Make sure that you use a glue that's made for scrap booking so it doesn't deteriorate your photo over time. Scrap booking can be costly so a good idea is to buy things when they go on sale!



Soap Photo Credit: Laurel.Miss

One of my favorite hobbies is making soap! It's so easy. You buy bars of glycerin from any craft and supply or health food store, then you melt them down on the stove. You can add color and scent to them of your choice. Choose from a variety of molds in many different shapes and sizes. After the bars cool simply pop them out and there you go! These make great gifts!

These are just a few of many craft ideas you can do in your spare time. Be creative and willing to experiment. Try something you don't think you would like, you may find you absolutely love it! I always though knitting was for grannies until I gave it a whorl, now I can't seem to stop! Did you get any ideas from my list of crafts?

Top Photo Credit: belle maison shop

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