8 Creative Ways to Make Your Own Greeting Cards ...


8 Creative Ways to Make Your Own Greeting Cards ...
8 Creative Ways to Make Your Own Greeting Cards ...

Greeting cards can get pretty expensive, especially if you have several to buy at one time. So why not make your own at home? Not creative enough on your own? Well, why not try one of these 8 creative ways to make your own greeting cards!

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Cardstock and Paints

If you like to paint and draw, making a beautiful greeting card at home can be as simple as folding some white cardstock in half, grabbing some paints and getting to work! Your paintings can be as simple as the three trees in the top photo, or more advanced. It's your choice, remember?


Construction Paper

Bring out the kid in you and make childish cards out of construction paper. I'm serious! They can turn out so cute! For this past Valentine's Day, my son and I used construction paper, fabric, lace, and glitter to make old fashioned valentines. They turned out so beautiful, and were a hit with everyone he gave one to.


Recycle Old Cards

Using the pretty pictures that have been on your own greeting cards, you can make new cards. Just cut and paste. Hey, it beats just throwing that $3 card in the trash can, right?


Fabric Cards

Another awesome idea is to make fabric cards. There are so many ways to do this, but they all turn out so beautifully. Some I found were completely made with fabric, while others covered cardstock with the fabric, making it a little more sturdy. Again, it's all in how much time you want to put into your project.


Fabric Cut-outs

One beautiful card idea is to cut out designs on fabric, like roses for instance, and glue them to the paper. After that, you can outline the fabric flower with puff paints and glitter. The end result is something that will bring a smile to the face of your many friends and family.


Rustic Recycles

If you like the old fashioned looking stuff, you could try cutting out random pieces of newspaper and pasting them on some cardstock. After that has dried, you would strategically place stickers, stamps, buttons and whatever else you please, around on the card. This makes a great card for the men in your life - dad, hubby, brother... they'll all appreciate this work of art.


Picture Perfect

If the card is for someone special, like your grandmother or mother, this is a perfect idea for it. Find a picture of you and that person together, attach it to a card and decorate. It will have a very sentimental feel to it that will be treasured for years. Just remember to include the perfect message inside to make them feel special!


Message in a Bottle

I found this idea on a website, and couldn't help but share! They took a glass bottle and cork (bought from Michael's) added a bit of sand and tiny shells, and rolled a piece of paper with a special message on it. This would make the ideal romantic card gift for your special someone next Valentine's Day, or, well, for any special occasion, for that matter! Isn't it such a neat idea?

I love creativity! I welcome it with open arms! Do you like these creative home-made greeting card ideas? Do you have any more you'd like to add? Or maybe a question about how one of these are made? Feel free to comment below!

Top Photo Credit: Anat Dvir

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This is great! I've been making cards for 3 years now & I'm always looking for new ideas. THANKS!!!!

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