7 DIY Home Decor Projects ...

Although the economy is slowly but surely stabilizing, a lot of people are still wary about things like home renovations, redecorating, and general home improvements because it's low on the list of what they can afford. To put it bluntly, that sucks, because sometimes you just want a change. The good news is that DIY, or do it yourself, projects can help you keep your hands out of your bank account. For instance, these 7 DIY home dΓ©cor projects are inexpensive but totally awesome.

1. Painting

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Now, painting can get expensive – unless you're sale savvy. If you pay attention to sales and even eCoupons, you can get great deals on paint – and you can do really fun things with paint. Forget wall paper. With stenciling and even simple painter's tape, you can make all kinds of nifty designs on your walls. You can even repaint chairs and tables to give them a new look.

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