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7 DIY Home Decor Projects ...

By Lyndsie

Although the economy is slowly but surely stabilizing, a lot of people are still wary about things like home renovations, redecorating, and general home improvements because it's low on the list of what they can afford. To put it bluntly, that sucks, because sometimes you just want a change. The good news is that DIY, or do it yourself, projects can help you keep your hands out of your bank account. For instance, these 7 DIY home décor projects are inexpensive but totally awesome.

Table of contents:

  1. painting
  2. making a headboard
  3. tablecloths
  4. ottoman
  5. molding
  6. lamps
  7. wallpaper

1 Painting

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Now, painting can get expensive – unless you're sale savvy. If you pay attention to sales and even eCoupons, you can get great deals on paint – and you can do really fun things with paint. Forget wall paper. With stenciling and even simple painter's tape, you can make all kinds of nifty designs on your walls. You can even repaint chairs and tables to give them a new look.

2 Making a Headboard

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This option is really cool. Making your own headboard is easy and original, and it gives you the opportunity to get really creative. You can hang random items or go all out and create something out of things you already have – even picture frames and shutters. There are even easy to follow tutorials for creating padded headboards. You can be as artistic as you want to be.

3 Tablecloths

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Now, by doing tablecloths yourself, you have a lot of options. Naturally you can throw fabric over a table, whether it is a large piece of fabric, an old curtain, or a pretty sheet. However, if you know how to sew or are willing to learn, you can easily create skirted cloths and things like that. Because it's much cheaper to make your own, you can go all out with any kind of designs and colors you want.

4 Ottoman

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My mom and dad just got an ottoman, and I am in love with it. I am not in love with how much it cost them, though. Good news: making your own is easy. You can make an ottoman out of a foot rest, or you can use an old coffee or side table. With some fabric and cushions, it really couldn't be easier. Awesome, right?

5 Molding

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Molding is easy to do yourself, and it can completely change a room. Both chair rail molding and crown molding are easy styles to learn. If you know someone who has a miter saw and knows how to use it, you're in business. It's actually easy to find someone like that than you think!

6 Lamps

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Yes, believe it or not, it is totally possible to make your own lamps. You will need to check out some tutorials on the internet, but basically, all you really need is a lamp kit, which can be purchased at any home improvement store, a receptacle – a pretty vase, an urn, et cetera – and a lampshade. Even if you aren't quite ready for a DIY lamp, try designing your own lampshades. Getting a basic one in a color and style of your choice is easy enough. From there, you can add in all kinds of designs and motifs.

7 Wallpaper

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It's incredibly easy to put up wallpaper, and there are tons of styles from which you can choose. However, you don't even have to do that if you don't want. Buying plain paper – in black, white, blue, whatever color you choose – and then do some stenciling. If you find a paper you love, for example, but it costs a fortune, you can try recreating it!

DIY projects are fun, and there's so much you can do. Often, it ends up looking even better than professional alternatives. What are your favorite DIY projects?

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