7 Great Pieces of Snowman Decor ...

There aren’t many things I like about winter, but I absolutely adore snowmen, especially around the holidays! I love them embroidered into scarves and mittens, on my wrapping paper, emblazoned on my holiday cards, and even scattered around my house. I’ve been searching my favorite shops the past couple of weeks, looking for new snowmen to add to my holiday décor, and I’ve found so many cute ones! Here are 7 great pieces of snowman décor…

1. Crate & Barrel Snowman Plate

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Price: $4.95 at crateandbarrel.com
Why not leave Santa’s cookies on this pretty plate, and perhaps a mug of cocoa in the matching mug? The plate is clear glass and features a trio of festive snowmen, all bundled up in red and white striped scarves.

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