4 Handbag Styles You Need in Your Closet ...

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Darlings, there was a point in time when I believed that a girl needed one handbag in her possession and one handbag only. A sassy piece which worked with any and all ensembles believed to be fabulous enough to accouter her fantastic form. I’ll admit it; I was devastatingly wrong. The right handbag can make or break one’s look du jour. You would not allow an oversized tote to tagalong with you on a girls’ night out complete with partying like a rock star; nor would you bring a clutch along for the ride as you navigate a new travel destination. Hence the reason why there should be five particular styles spotting your handbag collection; a handful of versatility that will make even complete strangers green with envy – now you’ve got them!

1. Satchel

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Satchels are to the world of handbags what diamonds are to the world of jewelry – a girls best friend. There is no handbag which emits as sophisticated a vibe from an individual as a satchel. The aesthetic of such a design keeps one looking polished, even if decked out in head to toe denim; whilst allowing them to keep things understated and playful at the very same time. A bag with too large of a handle drop has a tendency to slouch which can make one look sloppy; pieces which proffer a double-handle with a drop of about 6-inches are your best bet, as they allow for enough room for one to wiggle their elbow, without looking awkward.

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