7 Fabulous Scrapbook Ideas ...


7 Fabulous Scrapbook Ideas ...
7 Fabulous Scrapbook Ideas ...

So, you are one of us - one of the groups of ladies that loves to preserve memories as more than just a picture in a box - a lady that likes to put memories and photos together to make a beautiful collection of memories to be passed down through the generations to follow. You're a scrap booker! But sometimes, though we love it, scrap booking can take so much time that it becomes too much work to deal with. Here are a few tips that might help to get you back in the scrap-booking mood!

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Take Photos and a Cropper Everywhere You Go!

Take Photos and a Cropper Everywhere You Go! Photo Credit: missycorley

When you take little Jonny to McDonald's to play, crop some pictures for your next page! When you're sitting in the doctor's office waiting area, crop pictures! This way, the job of cropping is already done when you're ready to scrapbook.


Be Organized!

Be Organized! Photo Credit: moline

Nothing takes the fun out of scrap booking more than having to dig through clutter to find that pack of stickers you bought last month! You can find small, desk-size, three drawer organizers that are perfect for scrap booking markers, stickers, glue, and other smaller embellishments. And the larger ones are great for organizing your paper by color and occasion, and to hold larger scrap booking tools.


Keep Separate Scrapbooks

Keep Separate Scrapbooks Photo Credit: Miszelkowy Schowek

I prefer to separate my scrapbook memories in different books by occasion. One contains my wedding stuff, one is for my son's first two years, and one of my husband’s and my heritage, and my next work will be one of family get-togethers and vacations. This way, it is easier to find one particular event, and you have your own homemade "storybooks" to pass down to your kids and grandkids.


Never Use Just Any Glue or Tape!

Never Use Just Any Glue or Tape! Photo Credit: stephalie1977

This can be dangerous to the preservation of your memories. Use only glue or tape specially made for photos.


Be Creative!

Be Creative! Photo Credit: spring_peeper

Who says you can't use hearts and construction toy stickers on the same page? This is your time to break out of your box and go wild with imagination!


Use Scrapbooks with Protective Slipcovers

Use Scrapbooks with Protective Slipcovers Photo Credit: CrazyMaisy

These are easier to change things around, or remove a page and replace it with another. It also decreases your need for so much glue that you cannot remove a photo at a later time.


Make Some Scrap Booking "me Time"

Make Some Scrap Booking "me Time" Photo Credit: Karen Cicco

If you can't scrapbook every day, take a couple hours once a week, leave the kids with your husband, and retreat to your bedroom with some chocolate and Dr. Pepper and lock that door! We all deserve some alone time, especially when some of those memories bring a few tears to our eyes! :-)

Top Photo Credit: Crazy Princess

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