5 Fabulous DIY Fashion Ideas...


5 Fabulous DIY Fashion Ideas...
5 Fabulous DIY Fashion Ideas...

Shiny to Classic Stones

There is a reason The Glamourai has many fans. The thing I love about her is her craftiness. Check out this easy tutorial on how to turn stone jewelry that are too shiny into something that looks subdued but classy.

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For those who want that artist look, here is a tutorial on how to have artsy jeans. I don't need this since my boyfriend paints and I can steal some of his authentic paint-splattered jeans. I actually have done this but don't tell him.


I love this! Makes me wish so bad that my sewing machine can handle stretchy fabric well. I'm sure your machine is better than mine so check out this tutorial and make me jealous.


Feel like channeling Lady Gaga? Now we don't want you to make a meat dress, no. How about something a bit simple? How do diamante glasses sound?


Turn your sidewalk into a glam runway by strutting in your very own fringe shoes! This is actually a very cheap fashion DIY idea so we say go for it!

There are lots of creative and crafty people online today and we are pretty sure you've read some fashion-related DIY projects lately. Share them with us! We love getting crafty!

Top Photo Credit: The Glamourai

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What a great way to play with jewelery in #1. I think I'll make the back bow blouse someday, maybe next summer.

Oh wow! That bow back blouse is adorable! I can give it a try but I'm pretty sure my end result will look nothing like this!

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