8 Fabulous Handmade Toys ...


8 Fabulous Handmade Toys ...
8 Fabulous Handmade Toys ...

The art of handmade toys seemed to die out for a while, but more and more I’m seeing market stalls offering beautiful handmade items. I love the thought of kids playing with toys that aren’t from a shop (I have very fond memories of the dolls’ house my dad made for us), so I’ve chosen some lovely handmade toys for you to look at.

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Suzy the Octopus

Suzy the Octopus Price: $15 at etsy.com
I love the fact that Suzy has been named! This cute little toy is made from bright blue wool, and could well be a favourite for years.


Bluebird Rattle

Bluebird Rattle Price: $16 at etsy.com
Looking for a baby gift? Forget about all that plastic stuff and buy him or her this gorgeous rattle instead. The wings make a sound when shaken, and the rattle is made from natural fabrics.


Wooden Truck and Trailer

Wooden Truck and Trailer Price: $18 at etsy.com
What toddler wouldn’t love pushing this truck around? So much nicer than the plastic alternative, this truck can be finished with beeswax or left unfinished, according to your preference. The seller also makes other vehicles, so you could have a convoy!


Dexter the Weiner Dog

Dexter the Weiner Dog Price: $26 at etsy.com
Or Sausage Dog to us Brits. Anyway, this dog is so cute, I’m sure I would have loved him as a child. Made of bright fabric, any child would love to give Dexter a cuddle.


Crayon Wallet

Crayon Wallet Price: $9 at etsy.com
Kids love to colour, but the crayons do tend to get everywhere. Now you can keep them tidy in this wallet, which even comes with a set of 15 crayons. That should be enough colours to keep the kids happy!


Personalised Wooden Name

Personalised Wooden Name Price: $10 at etsy.com
Have one of these name boards made for your child, and the bright colours will help them learn to spell their name. Like all good handmade toys, the materials used are non-toxic, including the paint. It will also look good on the wall or door.


La Grasse Feline

La Grasse Feline Price: $16 at etsy.com
What a cute cat! She’s made from a white fabric on the front, backed with a flower print, and is modelled after the maker’s own cat. I can certainly recognise that content little feline grin!


Little Raptor House

Little Raptor House Price: $42 at etsy.com
Isn’t this sweet? This lovely little wooden house (painted with safe paints, of course) comes complete with bedroom and kitchen furniture. I am wondering where the bathroom is, though …

What kind of toys do you prefer for your kids? Do you think it’s worth paying more for handmade items? Or do you find that there’s no difference pricewise?

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I love all of them, they are so cute. I love my granny made rug dolls also.

OMG! ALL of these are adorable! I had plenty of handmade toys as a kid. Too bad those days are long gone. When and if I have kids, I think I'm going to incorporate a healthy mix of handmade goodies like these and more advanced toys.

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