8 Great Play-Date Crafts ...

When it’s my turn to host a play date, I panic just a little. How on earth am I going to keep four or five little 6-year-old girl entertained for a few hours? Sure, snack time will take fifteen minutes, and we can always do our nails… then I discovered easy to make crafts that the girls love. Even better, they come pre-packaged, all from Oriental Trading, so I don’t even have to gather all of the items! Sound too good to be true? Here’s my list of eight great play-date crafts… I included some seasonal ones, too!

1. Smile Face Sun Magnet Craft Kit

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Price: $3.99 at orientaltrading.com
This craft is perfect for a play date at the beginning of spring, or really anytime! The sunshine-y smile face magnet is perfect for hanging a great report card or a play date photo on the fridge once the play date is over, too!

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