5 Midweek DIY Projects...

By Meream

1 Window to Coffee Table

This is a great project for those starting a home or wanting to create new furniture for the home. Word of warning: you will need help from your boyfriend, husband, or dad. Power tools will be needed, too.

2 Tea-Lover Wall Hanging

Methinks I need this in my house. If you love tea as well, check out the link, download the pattern, print, and show your tea-loving pride!

3 Vinyl Records to Bookends

Not only will this DIY project make you more organized, it will also make your books look a tad cooler. The best part: It is very easy to do!

4 J Crew Necklace

If you have seen those J Crew necklaces that look like fabric balls of candy, check out this post to know how to make your own. The results are fabulous, I tell you.

5 Silhouettes

I have been obsessed with silhouettes lately. Of course, this fun and easy tutorial just about increased my obsession tenfold. I feel like making a silhouette of my boyfriend's cat now.

Top Photo Credit: My Life...A Happy Circus

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