10 Things You Should Always Recycle ...

I admit it — sometimes, I’m lazy when it comes to recycling. I don’t want to take the extra ten minutes a week to clean and sort my recyclable items. Most of us already know which items to recycle every day, our paper, plastic, and glass. But what about all of the other things we collect and eventually throw away? Which of those should we be recycling? Here’s my list of the ten things you should always recycle… some of these may surprise you!

1. Batteries

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Photo Credit: JustABigGeek

Whether you’ve got a drawer full of old cell phone batteries or just used-up AA’s from your TV remote, it’s always a great idea to recycle them. Batteries contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and they’re relatively easy to recycle. Here in the States, most post offices and office supply stores have bins where you can just drop off your old batteries. If you don’t think you’ll take the time to recycle your batteries, then invest in the kind you can recharge. Brilliant!

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