8 Household Appliances That Make Our Lives Easier ...


8 Household Appliances That Make Our Lives Easier ...
8 Household Appliances That Make Our Lives Easier ...

Aren’t the modern times just great? Electricity, technology, machines that get the hard or time consuming jobs done while we’re taking our well-deserved nap or do other things machines just couldn’t do. We are indeed very lucky to be living in the time when we have the freedom of choice and we do NOT have to wash our dishes or clothes by hand but we are FREE to do so if we want and have time to. Now, I’m sure you already have you favorite lifesaving gadgets so I won’t advise you where or how to buy them. I’m going to list the ones that have saved me a huge amount of time and nerves and I hope you’ll join me so we can make this list grow.

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Washing Machine

Washing Machine Photo Credit: Pikaluk

A washing machine has travelled a long way from its 250 years old ancestor, a manually operated wooden box. A more automatic version has been invented almost a century after that one by a man that thought this could be an ideal birthday present for his wife. I personally prefer jewelry or flowers but, hey, if she had preferred those too, we wouldn’t have had this lifesaving machine. I mean, imagine washing all your family’s clothes by hand!


Microwave Oven

Microwave Oven Photo Credit: Food Thinkers

Easy to operate and time saving, this practical little gadget is ideal whether you need to heat up a small amount of previously prepared food or cook something from scratch. When introduced for the first time, a microwave oven has been a subject of a heated debate. Yup, it does emit a certain amount of radiation but its impulses are certainly not like UV or X rays and they can’t cause cancer.



Dishwasher Photo Credit: confusedbee

My fiancé admits he’ll rather leave the dish-washing to somebody else and since he, similar to his lovely future wife (LOL, I’m a very modest one, huh?), also doesn’t believe in that male jobs – female jobs classification, dishwasher is one of his (and my) favorite things. But let me tell you one interesting fact ladies – we have a woman to thank for inventing this machine. A smart lady named Josephine Cochrane has been trying to find a way to protect her delicate china from being chipped and, since she couldn’t find an existing solution, she invented one!


Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner Photo Credit: roujo

It’s forty degrees outside and all the major TV stations are giving out warnings about staying in the shade and having your bottle of water close by but you don’t give a rat’s behind! Why? Because you have a fresh, cool breeze going through your home or office! This is not an appliance that gets a certain job done but it sure keeps you comfortable while you’re finishing your tasks one by one.



Mixer Photo Credit: kasei

Imagine being half way into preparing a sweet only to realize you don’t have the mixer necessary to turn those 7 egg whites into a firm mousse! This has actually happen to me once – I was at my fiance’s house and I’ve decided to surprise him with his favorite sweet. Silly me, I can’t believe I’ve actually though a guy that lives alone and works 15 hours per day would have a mixer.



Refrigerator Photo Credit: ShellyS

Be honest with me, now – Can you imagine your life without a fridge? I certainly can’t. This appliance does much more than just storing and cooling our food keeping it fresh and longer lasting. It’s like a personal decorating board and there are no two families with the same fridge decorations. We hang colorful magnets, post its with important notes, children’s drawings, pizza coupons and many more.


Steam Cookers, Dry Cookers, Pizza Grills, Bread Bakeries…

Steam Cookers, Dry Cookers, Pizza Grills, Bread Bakeries… Photo Credit: Food Thinkers

I don’t know of a family that doesn’t have at least one of these modern machines that practically cook on their own. And it’s really great when you can just toss the ingredients in, set the timer and use that time to do something useful or relax after a busy day.



Iron Photo Credit: Mundoo

Ironing sucks! But thing about how much it would really suck if we had a heavy retro iron we have to refill with hot stones every once in a while. Ladies using these (and that includes my grandma) must have had one hell of a biceps. In fact, here’s one useful tip – If your hubby is thinking about joining a gym, get him one of these 100% iron irons and let him do the ironing for a month! Lol!

I’m leaving out the vacuum cleaner for a reason – it is a huge lifesaver indeed but my stone floors are the reason of which it is completely useless to me. So, let me know which one of these save your life on a daily basis. Do you have a gadget that looked extremely useful but turned out into a “dust collector”? And, one more thing, how much do you think people actually appreciate all the benefits of machines?

Top Photo Credit: Iván Cabrera

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love ur post! i cant imagine life without a tv/laptop...that wud mean little or no form of entertainment.... i also find my heater very useful.

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