7 Tips on Keeping Your Floors Shiny ...


7 Tips on Keeping Your Floors Shiny ...
7 Tips on Keeping Your Floors Shiny ...

Watching the sun shine on the shiny floor in my office is something I enjoy doing each day as I am writing my articles. There is nothing like having a shiny floor in your home. The question is, how do you keep those floors shiny? Luckily, I have a husband who knows a lot about keeping floors shiny and he has shared some of his tips with me. Below, I am going to give you 7 tips on keeping your floors shiny …

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Oil Based Cleaners

For hardwood flooring, you should not used oil based cleaners. This is because those cleaners tend to leave an oily residue behind, which completely gets rid of the sine. The residue is only going to make cleaning difficult, because of the oils. If you use them, you could end up creating a mess.



For hardwood floors (do not use this on waxed floors), you could clean with a drop of vinegar mixed in with water. This always seems to bring the shine out in floors. Again, this tip is for those floors that do not have wax on them. Use a capful of vinegar to one gallon of water.


Floor Cleaners

If you find that your hardwood floors have dull spots and is not shining, this could be because you are not using the right type of cleaner. The floor cleaner can affect your flooring in different ways, this includes the durability of the floor as well as the appearance. Choosing a cleaner that comes from the manufacture will help prevent mottling.


For Laminate Floors

If you have laminate floors, keep it free of dirt, rocks and gravel. The dirt, rocks and gravel could scratch up the floor and get rid of the shine. Also, make sure you mop the floor as much as you can.


Buff Spray for Wax

A good buff spray to use would be Floor Science, which can be purchased at a hardware store. When you use the buff spray, you will have to use a buffer – you can get a little buffer to use at home, it does not have to be industrial. It all depends on the size of the floor. When you use the buff spray, don't use too much at one time.


Ice Cold Water

Ice cold water will react to the wax (assuming you have wax). It also helps to clean dirt. If you were to put hot water on wax, it would ruin the wax. This is because wax is heat activated.


Remove Wet Spots

When you mop the floor, instead of leaving it to dry, get a clean towel and dry the floors. This will help to keep the floors shiny. It will also take away any dirt remaining that the mop left behind.

There you have 7 tips on keeping your floors shiny. These are tips you should definitely use if you are like me and have floors that you like to keep shiny. So, do you enjoy the shine?

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