8 Terrible Stains and How to Remove Them ...


8 Terrible Stains and How to Remove Them ...
8 Terrible Stains and How to Remove Them ...

Have you ever wondered why it’s always your favourite white skirt that gets stained? Or your brand new can’t-be-dry-cleaned bag? I hate stains... they are always where I don’t want them to be, and I never remember how they got there. Not to mention the frustration when they don’t come out in the wash. I’ve been learning how to banish stains for good, and here are my top tips...

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Grass Stain

Grass Stain Photo Credit: Ben Heine

There is no doubt that the grass can be lush, and sometimes a picnic surrounded by grass and flowers is the best thing in the world. Grass stains, however, are not. If you’ve managed to stain something, treat with a stain remover such as White Wizard, and wash with a biological washing powder at the highest temperature you can. If it’s dry-clean only, wash by hand, using gloves so you can use hot water.


Candle Wax

Candle Wax Photo Credit: Rickydavid

I’m always getting candle wax on the carpet... it’s a nightmare! Luckily, I’ve worked out how to get the carpet looking great again. Allow the wax to dry and harden, and put a bag of ice cubes over the wax to make sure. Then peel off the wax, and put some absorbant kitchen towel over where the stain was. Iron it very gently, and very carefully. Continue until the wax is all absorbed into the paper, and use a carpet cleaner to give the carpet some life back. Easy!



Beetroot Photo Credit: MeetaK

I don’t like beetroot, but that doesn’t stop people getting it on my clothes! To remove it, sponge it as soon as possible with cold water, and use a biological detergent to soak it. It should wash right out, but if it doesn’t, buy a wine removing satchet and wash on its own with that. If it's on your carpet, blot up as much as possible, and use a carpet cleaner to remove the last traces.



Algae Photo Credit: xalamay (Taking A Break)

Algae is a real problem on stonework and patios. If you want rid, borrow a pressure washer and blast off as much as you can. Then use a stiff brush with patio cleaner, or household bleach. Look for one containing fungicide to prevent it growing back. Be careful if you have animals or children, and make sure you wash all the bleach away.



Curry Photo Credit: * Beezy *

I love curry. Whether it's going for a curry night or making it at home, it’s a delicious food! The stains can ruin clothes, though, so I’m always really cautious when eating it. If you do manage to get it on your clothes, sponge it down with water, then machine wash it as soon as possible. If you are wearing white, it may leave a ‘shadow’ of the stain, so use a hydrogen peroxide solution on the affected area to bleach it back to white.


Fizzy Drink

Fizzy Drink Photo Credit: Gav_Owen

I love Pepsi Max, but you can guarantee I’ll spill it down myself at least once a week. Worry not, though, it comes off carpets easily if you blot the stain out and let the carpet dry, and fabrics are good too. Machine wash with a biological detergent, and it’ll come out fine. If it's on wool, treat it with fairy liquid, and then wash.



Foundation Photo Credit: JennKstep

Foundation can be a nightmare to remove, so get started quickly. Wipe away any surface stain, and soak using a pre-wash formula. Machine wash at the highest temperature possible, and check the area of a ‘shadow’. If there is one, use a oil or grease remover, and rewash.


Nail Varnish

Nail varnish often stains, depending on the colour and type of fabric, but give it the best chance of being removed by dabbing the mark with nail varnish remover, and washing as soon as possible. If the nail varnish remover contains acetone it’ll be the most effective.

I’m a little more relaxed about stains now... they are still a nightmare, but now I’m clued up on how to remove them they aren’t quite as scary. After all, we can’t be scared to wear our nice clothes in case they get stained! Have you found a way to remove a common stain? Please share it with me!

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a friend of mine told me little ago that she didn't believe it either, but when you get a stain in your clothing, cover it up with salt. yes, salt. regular table salt. "soake" it with salt and wait until is totaly dry to peel it off. i've already given it a shot (in a white cotton blouse) and it worked!!

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