8 Terrible Stains and How to Remove Them ...

Have you ever wondered why it’s always your favourite white skirt that gets stained? Or your brand new can’t-be-dry-cleaned bag? I hate stains... they are always where I don’t want them to be, and I never remember how they got there. Not to mention the frustration when they don’t come out in the wash. I’ve been learning how to banish stains for good, and here are my top tips...

1. Grass Stain

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Photo Credit: Ben Heine

There is no doubt that the grass can be lush, and sometimes a picnic surrounded by grass and flowers is the best thing in the world. Grass stains, however, are not. If you’ve managed to stain something, treat with a stain remover such as White Wizard, and wash with a biological washing powder at the highest temperature you can. If it’s dry-clean only, wash by hand, using gloves so you can use hot water.

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