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10 Best Stain Removal Tips ...

By Kati

Whether I’ve managed to drop my food all over myself, or had a party, I always seem to be getting things dirty! I always used to worry about how I’d get the various stains out, but since finding these tips, I’ve been much more laid back! So copy these down or print them out, and worrying about stains will be a thing of the past!

1 No Hot Water!

No Hot Water!Photo Credit: kevindooley

Never use hot water on a stain, as this will cause the stain to set, which will make it much harder to get out!

2 Colour-fast

Colour-fastPhoto Credit: Amber Nead

Always test to see if an item is color-fast. It’s amazing how many times I forget this! Use a small, hidden bit of fabric to test, and if colour comes off, take it to the professionals!

3 Material

MaterialPhoto Credit: Little Silver

Likewise, see what material the fabric is. If its rare, or can’t be hand-washed, its usually not suitable for the toughness of home detergents. Leave it to the professionals unless it’s really not important!

4 Stain

StainPhoto Credit: Dru!

Work from the outside of the stain inwards to the middle. Usually, the outsides are easier to remove if you get to them fast, and will drastically reduce the size of the stain.

5 Heat

HeatPhoto Credit: comedy_nose

Tackle the stain before you add any heat, such as ironing, as again this might set the stain into the fabric, and make it impossible to remove.

6 Absorbent

AbsorbentPhoto Credit: ylana.hunt ♥

If you need an absorbent in a hurry, add some talcum powder to water and stir until it forms a paste. Then apply to the stain and leave for twelve hours. A quick and cheap absorbent!

7 Temperature

TemperaturePhoto Credit: ex.libris

Most stains will be removed by washing on the highest temperature allowed for the fabric. Check the care label, and give this a try. You’d be surprised how much will come out!

8 Know Your Bleach

Know Your BleachPhoto Credit: mad jeff

Try to use hydrogen peroxide over household bleaches, which usually contain chlorine. HP is much milder, and kinder to the fabric.

9 Time

TimePhoto Credit: queenvanna creations

Act fast, as soon as possible after you notice the stain. Leaving it to dry isn’t advisable unless you are certain it will come out easily in the wash.

10 Don’t Fret!

Don’t Fret!Photo Credit: photoboothguy

The first time I found a stain, I added every stain removal product I could and threw it in the wash on 60 a few times. Needless to say the item was ruined! Being calm and taking your time will bring much better results!

Being equipped to fight stains has doubled the size of my wardrobe, and I stress much less when eating messy foods, too! Even hard stains like blackcurrant or tomato sauce are easy and effortless to remove… which is amazing when you are as clumsy as me! Have you got a stain removal tip? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: laurenlemon

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