7 Best Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees ...


7 Best Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees ...
7 Best Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees ...

There are a few ways to recycle Christmas tree parts, now that Christmas is over and done with. Many people who live in the city, toss their tree on the side of the road to be picked up with the trash. Rural families often burn their trees, but there are many ways to recycle them. I've listed 7 ways to do this, maybe you can come up with many more on your own!

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Recycle It at a Center

Recycle It at a Center I don't think many people know that this service even exists. Most cities will pick up your old tree, right from your house. They will haul it away and use it for a variety of things, some of them are included on this list. Other uses might include making shavings for dog beds or cutting it into smaller pieces for fire kindling. A tree recycling center is a great source for ideas of what to do with your tree as well.


Create Mulch with It

Create Mulch with It Making mulch for the flower garden is a great way to recycle Christmas tree parts. This type of mulch is excellent for keeping the weeds from strangling your beautiful flowers. Not only does it make the flowerbed look nice, but it smells so fresh and clean too. Some people will throw pine mulch on their driveways as well, if they are made of dirt. This will keep the mud level down during rainy days.


Provide Coverage for Birds

Provide Coverage for Birds Birds could care less that the tree has been cut down and used for decorative purposes in the house. They are thrilled when they find it outside later though! They enjoy flitting up and down the branches, picking at things we can't see. It is a great wind break for them too. Nesting isn't a priority in the winter, but keeping warm is. This tree will provided some added coverage for them.


Make a Fish House

Make a Fish House If you have a really deep pond or lake on your property, dropping the tree at the edge of the pond or lake will provide a nice area for fish to hang out in. Smaller fish think this is a great hiding place from larger fish and larger fish like looking for bugs and stuff that cling to the branches. If you don't have a pond or lake to use this in, call the conservation department near you. They will tell you where you can recycle Christmas tree parts. You might even be able to schedule a pick up for your own tree to be used by them.


Build a Wind Break

Build a Wind Break People with large areas that don't have any sort of bushes or trees, often have time with snow drifts. If this is a problem for you, using your old tree as a wind break is a good idea. Even placing it at the edge of the front porch to keep snow from drifting onto the front steps can be helpful. Small animals are also able to use this tree as a windbreak for themselves. It's a great way for them to be able to get out of the elements for a bit.


Decorate with Pieces from It

Decorate with Pieces from It Making a wreath or a table decoration with pieces of the branches that are still green is another way to recycle Christmas tree parts. Evergreen branches stay green for an exceptionally long period of time after the tree has been cut down. Wreaths for doors or small greenery around a large candle on the dinner table can be very festive. Even some sprigs tied with ribbons next to the plates at dinner are some ways to use the leftover tree for decoration.


Give Back to Nature

Give Back to Nature Place it outside and decorate it for the animals. Stringing some popcorn or cranberries on button thread for the birds to pick at will be greatly appreciated by them. Smearing some pine cones with peanut butter and then rolling them in birdseed is something else that the birds will like. Little mice and squirrels also enjoy peanut butter treats. Winter is always a hard time for birds and small animals to find lots of food, so they will be very happy with this giving tree!

Being able to recycle Christmas tree parts, or even the whole tree, is helpful to not only you but also to many of the woodland creatures around you. I hope this list has provided some helpful advice on what to do with your leftover Christmas tree. I'm sure the animals will thank you too, in their own little way.

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