7 Best Ways to Recycle Christmas Trees ...

There are a few ways to recycle Christmas tree parts, now that Christmas is over and done with. Many people who live in the city, toss their tree on the side of the road to be picked up with the trash. Rural families often burn their trees, but there are many ways to recycle them. I've listed 7 ways to do this, maybe you can come up with many more on your own!

1. Recycle It at a Center

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I don't think many people know that this service even exists. Most cities will pick up your old tree, right from your house. They will haul it away and use it for a variety of things, some of them are included on this list. Other uses might include making shavings for dog beds or cutting it into smaller pieces for fire kindling. A tree recycling center is a great source for ideas of what to do with your tree as well.

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