7 Ways to Organize ...


7 Ways to Organize ...
7 Ways to Organize ...

Change Your Breakfast Time

Change Your Breakfast Time Photo Credit: OpenEyesPhoto (I Miss My Camera!)

Who doesn’t indulge in a later sleep in time, especially during the summer? If you are a working mom, things won’t change for you, but leave instructions with the babysitter to allow the kids sleep in time. They can enjoy their morning cereal a little later before heading off for their adventurous day.

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Set up a Snack Area

Set up a Snack Area Photo Credit: Pictures by Ann

It’s nice when your children want a snack and they are able to grab it themselves. See through containers are great for holding snacks. Your kids are able to see what’s inside. Place them on a shelf eye level with them. Arrange them where your kids can reach them. Fill them with dried fruit, graham crackers, raisins, baked chips, and other healthy foods. Keep juice boxes close by!


Laundry Ideas

Laundry Ideas Photo Credit: brittsperspective

Do your laundry end up thrown under beds, in closet floors, under the couch, and other weird places? Help every one remember where dirty clothes go by giving everyone their own basket in their bedroom. Keep it in the closet – out of sight! You might try placing a small basket in the kitchen to collect dirty towels.


Outside Toy Solutions

Outside Toy Solutions Photo Credit: Brady O'Brien

Place a container in the garage or beside the back door. You can keep outside toys stored inside. They are perfect for holding baseball bats, tennis rackets, hockey sticks, and soccer balls. Hooks on the wall can organize base ball mitts, roller blades, and backpacks.


Make a Cleaning Schedule

Make a Cleaning Schedule Photo Credit: abbytrysagain

Summer routines are different than when school is in session. So why should you keep the same cleaning schedule? Now that the kids are out playing, you can re-arrange your cleaning times. Change your times so you will be able to enjoy a day at the beach or park. Have fun while it’s summer!


Plan Your Meals

Plan Your Meals Photo Credit: happygrrl

Summer time is a time for picnics. Make the most of the sunny weather and plan on eating outside. Plan your meals to make use of the BBQ. Or pack a basket and eat at the park, or in your backyard. You save the heat in the kitchen and cut down on kitchen cleaning and dish washing!


Run Errands Together

Run Errands Together Photo Credit: ヘザー heza

While you are out at the park, plan on returning the library books because you will pass the library on the way to the park. On your way home, run in the grocery store and buy what you need. Do as much running around as you can. It saves gas, and time so you can spend it with your children.

What do you do to organize your summer time? Leave me a comment so I can add it to my notes!

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