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8 Skills I Want to Learn ...

By Jennifer

I consider myself pretty talented… in some things. But there are so many things I wish I knew how to do! I’ve harbored these secret talent desires for years, but now I’m ready to share them in the hopes that somewhere out there is a friend who wouldn’t mind teaching me… here are 8 skills I want to learn!

1 Knitting

KnittingPhoto Credit: poketypatch ~ Still Pond Photography

Whenever I see a cute pair of mittens, I wish I knew how to knit. My cousin and her daughter know how, and I’ve tried to learn, but I just end up getting all tangled in the yarn … *sigh*

2 Quilting

I love the look and feel of a pretty hand-made quilt, and they can be so expensive to buy, especially considering the colors and patterns aren’t always an exact match of what you want. I wish I knew how to quilt! How hard can it be?

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3 Cheese-Making

Cheese-MakingPhoto Credit: sandra juto

I love cheese. LOVE cheese! I’ve heard that making cheese at home is becoming more and more popular, but I don’t know anyone who can show me how, and I can’t find a class anywhere… for someone who loves cheese as much as I do, knowing I could make it myself, and not having a friend to show me, is torture!

4 Photography

PhotographyPhoto Credit: just.K

I’ve been an amateur photographer, and have even worked as a photographer’s assistant, for years, but there are still some buttons and settings on my pricey Canon that I don’t know what they’re for. I’m going to take a basic photography class next spring, as part of my Arts degree, and I can’t wait!

5 French

FrenchPhoto Credit: sebastien.b

I took two years of French in high school, and am taking two semesters of it now, in college, and it’s such a useful, beautiful language! Did you know it’s the official language of the United Nations, and one of only two languages for the Olympics? But, oh my, the verb conjugation and gender-specific nouns are so difficult to learn!

6 Painting

I’m sorry to say that I am very lacking in the art-creativity department. My favorite aunt is a very talented painter, but I am not. I wish it was something that could be taught, but I just don’t think it is… I think either you can paint, or you can’t.

7 Dance

DancePhoto Credit: Marcelo Seixas

I am quite possibly the world’s clumsiest dancer. I have no feeling for rhythm, and at clubs, parties, and wedding receptions, I know I look like a complete idiot. I love music and dancing, but I have no talent for it. Do you think it can be taught? Maybe I just need a few lessons…

8 Piano

PianoPhoto Credit: CreativeExpress

One of my upstairs neighbors plays piano, and it’s gorgeous. When I hear him start to warm up, I’ll sit under my vent, listening intently, hoping he’ll play my favorite song. I might be a little old to learn, but … I sure would love to try lessons! There’s something a little embarrassing about sitting under my vent to hear piano music…

So… can you help? Do you know how to do any of these things, or do you wish you could learn them, too? Or do you have another unique talent or skill you’re proud of? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: Drakeography

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