8 Great Foreign Languages to Learn ...


8 Great Foreign Languages to Learn ...
8 Great Foreign Languages to Learn ...

With the world getting smaller and smaller all the time (thanks, globalization and Facebook!) more and more of my online colleagues and friends are from other countries, and I’ve found it very useful to know another language (je parle un peu francais!). If you’re working in a business that has clients or co-workers around the world, or if you just want to add something to your resume that will make you stand out from the crowd, here’s a list of great foreign languages to learn…

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French Photo Credit: Lady Vervaine

I listed French first because if I can learn it, anyone can! It’s one of the Romance languages, so if you become fluent in French, you’ll also have a rough knowledge of Spanish and Italian. And it’s a gorgeous language, with a lovely accent, too!



Spanish Photo Credit: Sara Grace Photography

Spanish is the fastest-growing and already the most popular language spoken at home other than English here in the States, so it’s a fabulous idea to learn Spanish if you can. Most children begin to learn it in elementary school, so if you need to practice, try out your new language skills by watching an episode or two of Dora the Explorer with your nieces!



Arabic Photo Credit: cagedbird1

This is such a beautiful language, especially the alphabet and accent. It calls to mind all of the interesting aspects of this rich culture — the cuisine, the focus on family, the courtesy and hospitality. Don’t be intimidated by the idea of having to learn a new alphabet — it could be fun!



German Photo Credit: ganesha.isis

If you work in the automotive or technology industries, then you probably already know at least a little German. It’s another fascinating language, one with an accent it’s not easy to master. When you do, though, you’ll be so accomplished!



Japanese Photo Credit: Crazy Princess

If I could learn any language right now, it would have to be Japanese! It’s almost necessary to do business, and it’s such a beautiful language! I love the characters and the way it sounds… my friend Masami has taught me a little, but I want to know more!



Russian Photo Credit: H.A n k ♥ Coming back!!!

Russian would be another interesting foreign language to learn, if for no other reason than to sound incredibly sexy! All the gorgeous spies in movies are Russian, and I’d love to acquire that accent! And te body for wearing a slinky black cat-suit, too…



Chinese Photo Credit: e m ♥ i l y

This is another language that’s on the rise, as China becomes a superpower in its own right. Again, it might be intimidating to learn a language that’s so different from our own English, but it would be so amazing to speak Chinese!



Italian Photo Credit: FotoRita [Allstar maniac]

Is there anything more romantic than the idea of strolling the streets of Italy with a hot Italian man? If you don’t speak Italian, though, how can you expect the romance to progress?

If I could, I’d learn all of these marvelous foreign languages. Do you speak another language besides English? How did you learn it? Is there a language you’d love to learn that’s not on my list? Please let me know… arigato!

Top Photo Credit: tolis*

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I speak German, but it’s my mother tongue, so it probably doesn’t count. In school I learned besides English also Latin, since it is basically the mother of all romance languages it helps me with understanding written texts in those languages, but I certainly can’t speak any of them. In October I start learning Norwegian and/or Swedish, because I love Scandinavia and I figured that it is a lot easier to learn yet another Germanic language than a Romance or Slavic language, although I ever wanted to learn Russian - unfortunately my university doesn’t teach it and I don’t think that I could do it un my own.

Alexandra, Haha thank you, I thought it said that, although i wasn't sure. Just checking! ;) I'm learning Greek very slowly...

wow...so you mentioned Russian, but you skipped Ukrainian, which is such a melodious language, and it's alphabet is Cyrillic, similar to Greek and Russian. I speak, read and write in Ukrainian, Polish, Russian and English. I was studying German in High School for 3 years, and was pretty good at it, but now that I have not been using it "for ages" it really "evaporated". I encourage everyone to learn at least one more language besides their native one.

My spanish is decent, I just studied it on my own.. at home, and practiced with my friends for the most part. My little sisters first language is german.. she was born there, raised there.. and has never lived in the usa.. verses me, I was just born there lol. Sooo my german is very rough, I understand a topic when its spoken.. but I'm sure I will be fluent one day. ---I plan to study languages in college, I need to be sure to add chinese to the list... that's the second most spoken language in the world aside from english

According to your list I think I am a linguist!*Patting own back*. I know each of them but chinese which i am just learning. I know Greek also and would recommend here. I am also fluent in Nepali, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali(mother tongue) and other 4 Indian Languages.I would suggest you to learn Sanskrit and Latin to have essence of many other languages including the listed one. Lastly as Bengali is first love I wish it enlisted, it is really a romantic language.

I did study French briefly back in school but I doubt I remember it now. Would love to get back to it. Italian sounds pretty romantic too! Reminds me of the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun :)

I speak fluent French and I'm doing good in Arabic(: The litterature is so rich and diversified, and it sounds gorgeous in songs. French is also a lovely language to listen to(:

@jelly - the language in the cover photo is Greek, actually! It says I love you (s'agapo) @nat - if you think German is difficult, I'm afraid you'll be disappointed to hear that Greek is much harder to learn.. it's worth trying, though! I am Greek, so the more people speaking our language, the better!!

wow i'm surprised arabic is up there :) i'm an arab originally from palestine, i speak arabic and english fluently and good enough french lol :)

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