8 Cities to Visit in Spain ...


8 Cities to Visit in Spain ...
8 Cities to Visit in Spain ...

I’m ashamed to admit it, but in all the time I’ve lived in Spain, I’ve seen very little of the country. So when I finally get round to traveling, there are several cities I’d like to visit. I’m a history buff, and Spain has some amazing historic cities. Here are 8 on my list.

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Granada Photo Credit: Ela2007

Full to bursting with historic buildings, Granada contains the famous Alhambra palace. The city is in fact a National monument. Best avoided in summer, when it is VERY hot and you will be sharing with millions of tourists.



Avila Photo Credit: FJcuenca

Avila is the birthplace of St Teresa, she of the rather racy visions. What really interests me, however, is that Avila has the best-preserved medieval city walls in Spain (Barcelona’s were long since destroyed).



Leon Photo Credit: berpala

Lots of cathedrals, cloisters, and some amazing medieval animal frescoes put Leon on my list. There are also remnants of the Roman city walls (probably two stones, but I love history).



Tarragona Photo Credit: juli_modul

This is only an hour or so away, and I still haven’t been there. Roman forum, Roman amphitheater … must go, must go …



Toledo Photo Credit: josemazcona

One of the oldest cities in Spain. Did I mention that I love history? Lots of cathedral, churches, monasteries, even an historic synagogue. Plus more city walls.



Segovia Photo Credit: *atrium09

Once an important Roman city, what makes Segovia one of my must-sees is the Roman aqueduct. I’ve seen many Roman buildings in my time, but never an aqueduct. Hope it looks as impressive in real life as it does in pictures.



Valencia Photo Credit: Paco CT

You may not have heard of Valencia, but you must have heard of El Cid. He probably looked nothing like Charlton Heston, but he did run around Spain doing heroic deeds, and one of them was to capture Valencia. Lots of nice old buildings as well. Probably some horrible new ones, but I shall try to ignore them.


Santiago De Compostela

Santiago De Compostela Photo Credit: Chasing Daniel

Famous for being the end of the pilgrim route, I can assure you that when I visit Santiago, I will not be walking all the way there. This is why planes and trains were invented. Apparently the accommodation en route for walkers sucks anyway.

Any of these sound interesting? Do you have your own wish list or recommendations?

Top Photo Credit: *atrium09

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Ok, WHERE IS BARCELONA?! I mean, I live really near from it, and I've visited many of these cities, but Barcelona is my favourite by far! It just has everithing, shops, nice people, bars, history, beautiful buildings, etc etc and OMG I adore it! You should have mentioned it....:( but this is a very nice post anyways:) I went to Toledo and Madrid last year, and I must admit Toledo was beautiful, but COME ON! Barcelona is much better! And in Madrid i had this feeling like the streets where too close together (if you know what I mean...:S) and I just didn't like it as much as I adooore BCN! But I really liked your post anyways:)

barcelona and malaga are definitely missing ;)

I wondered the same.. WHERE'S BARCELONA!? I've only visited it but I don't think these other cities can beat it! T'estimo, Barcelona!

I love San Sebastian in the north. I´ve visited almost all of the provinces of Castile and Leon except for Leon. There´s also Salamanca.

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