5 Striped Stuff to See...


5 Striped Stuff to See...
5 Striped Stuff to See...

Oh, these yummy espadrilles in the middle! I love the fact that they are in a neutral color, too. The only problem now is to learn how to walk in high shoes.

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How about a tank dress in stripes? You can go extravagant at over $300 or choose the Gap find that Erika shows us here.


for a Touch of Vintage

Scroll down a bit and you'll see the striped beauty I'm referring to. Aren't the sleeves gorgeous? And good thing the stripes are vertical, right?


How about a delightful striped bag in summer colors? Third photo on top shows a Juicy Couture bag in stripes and a swallow print. A must-have since swallow prints are quite trendy these days.


Striped details on your table and around your kitchen? I say YES! These lovely finds make me reconsider my vow to buy only white and beach-themed kitchen items...

Top Photo Credit: Freek van den Bergh

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