10 Historic Sites Everyone Should Visit ...

Everyone loves beach holidays, but sometimes we should all push the boat out a little more and visit somewhere for the amazing culture and history too. After all, most places have great beaches, so weโ€™ll get to enjoy them anyway! Want a holiday to remember? Grab your camera and book your tickets to these historic places...

1. The South Island, New Zealand

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Photo Credit: Daniโ„ฎl

This is a gorgeous place to go...itโ€™s known for its huge, open landscapes, and has something for everyone. From exploring huge open plains to golden sand beaches, you wonโ€™t be stuck for things to do, and there is ten amazing national parks, too. The parks contain natural history sites, lakes, glaciers, fiords, forests, coastlines and some fantastic hiking routes, and the scenery is breath taking. Give it a try...youโ€™ll love it!

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