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5 Places You'd Want to Be...

By Meream

1 Where a Beautiful French Couple Got Married

Alix (aka The Cherry Blossom Girl) got married and she looked beautiful! Check out the wonderful photos. Wouldn't you have loved being part of the fantastic celebration?

2 Where Crepes Are Cooking

Imagine being in a room where they are cooking cantaloupe crepes. Hmm...You'd drown in the mouth-watering aroma of the pastry, you'll die happy.

3 Where There is a Good Argument about Books

I would choose Harry Potter over Twilight any day but I know there are people who will choose vampires over wizards. Wouldn't you want to be in a place where book-lovers argue which series is better? What side will you be on?

4 Where Life That Sustains Life Grows

Flower gardens are beautiful but there is nothing like a vegetable garden. A vegetable garden makes you hopeful about life, in a way.

5 Where Elijah Wood is Spinning

Anna Paquin requested Elijah Wood to be the DJ in her wedding. Now THAT must have been an awesome party. I wonder if he's any good...

Which of these places would you want or would have wanted to be? Read any post lately that makes you wish you're somewhere else? Share them with us!

Top Photo Credit: Alix

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