7 Sightseeing Places in Boston ...


7 Sightseeing Places in Boston ...
7 Sightseeing Places in Boston ...

Are you planning a trip to Boston any time soon? Or maybe you live in Boston, but you have never taken the time to explore your city and all it has to offer. Whichever the case, below I’ve come up with the best places to visit while in the great city of Boston!

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The Paul Revere House

The Paul Revere House Photo Credit: Quevillon

Built in 1680, this is the oldest house in downtown Boston. It’s filled with many of the Revere family antiques as well as others. A perfect place for history bluffs!


Walking Tour

Walking Tour Photo Credit: Ricardo De Lima

Enjoy the parks and waterways of Boston up close. Amble through Boston Common, the Public Garden, and Charles River Esplanade. Be ready for some spectacular views!


The North End

The North End Photo Credit: bradunc01

An awesome historical neighborhood, you will enjoy historical landmarks like the Old North Church built in 1723. But what truly makes the neighbothood so unique is the nearly 100 eateries, bakeries, and delicatessens available in the area. Boston’s Itallian friends live here. Oh Mama Mia!


USS Constitution

USS Constitution Photo Credit: Kingdafy

The world’s oldest commissioned warship still afloat is available for tours. This is one of the original U.S. Navy frigates. Another trip you history buffs will not want to miss.


Self Guided Tour

Self Guided Tour Photo Credit: jough [formerly jough]

Boston’s Irish heritage is evident in this walking tour. You will visit 20 landmarks that honor the Irish past, including Fenway Park. Be sure and stop by an Irish Pub and enjoy some shepherd’s pie.


Art Museums

Art Museums Photo Credit: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

If you are an art lover and enthusiast, you will enjoy two art museums in the area: Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts. Modern art, classic art, and early American art is all there for you to admire.


Faneual Hall Marketplace

Faneual Hall Marketplace Photo Credit: AntyDiluvian

There are over 18 million visitors here every year. Enjoy the 3 restored buildings filled with all kinds of vendors, artists, food galleries, everything you need! Street performers will entertain as you wonder around all the stalls.

Did I miss an attraction in Boston? What was it?

Top Photo Credit: Werner Kunz (werkunz1)

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Make sure you stop for lunch at Umbertos in the North End for calzone, pizza and panzarotti and say hello to Ralph. MMMMmmmm....Umbertos..... There's tons of great places to visit in the city. Let me know when you're coming for a visit and I'll show you around. ;)

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