5 Beautiful Places to Be...


5 Beautiful Places to Be...
5 Beautiful Places to Be...

This place is a feast for your eyes and your palate. If you can't go to Morocco, why not bring the place to your home? Check out this link for some tips on how to have a Moroccan-Bohemian party.

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This is something my mum would nod to; she loves to garden. To make your garden a beautiful sanctuary, check out these flowers that you can plant.


I have been fervently praying that Ikea opens a branch in my city. I love wandering around a mall's home decor section and I bet I will be in heaven inside an Ikea.


Open a book and be transported to another world. Not a fan of the Twilight series yet? Let this link show you why you should read the books.


Take out your favorite photograph and re-experience everything that transpired when that picture was taken. This will take all day for me since I have a huge Polaroid wall in my apartment...I'd better start now...

Before I leave you to look at my favorite photos, why don't you give us links to wonderful posts that invite your mind (and your feet, of course) to wander? Our comments section is always open!

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