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5 Delicious NYC Stuff to Soak up...

By Meream

1 a Fashionista in New York

Karla of Karla's Closet recently traveled to New York to celebrate the release of the clutch bag she designed for Coach. Here she shows us some of her city photos.

2 Making It Big in NYC

So you got an internship in New York...Now what? Well, you impress your employers, of course. For miscellaneous tips, College Candy is your guide.

3 Leaving Your Heart in New York

Lucky Kb interned in NYC for six months. Her time in the big city is about to end so she has been stealing time for shopping adventures any way she can. Let's take a peek at her recent purchases.

4 Spotted in New York

Olivia Palermo was spotted in the Big Apple looking casual and chic. For a budget version of her outfit, head on to Frugal Fashionista.

5 a Charmed NYC Life

Kelly AKA The Glamourai went to NYC for the same Coach event that Karla attended. Kelly spent time with an uber-fabulous fashion industry insider. Check out the link and be jealous!

Top Photo Credit: Stuck in Customs

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