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6 Eras I'd Love to Visit ...

By Alison

Being passionate about history, there are many periods that really interest me. If only I could pay them a visit …

1 The Tudor Court in the 1530s

Has anyone seen ‘The Tudors’? Not entirely historically accurate, but gives a good idea of one of the most colorful eras in English history. I would love to visit during the heyday of Anne Boleyn, Henry’s second wife – before she and her head parted company.

2 The 1920s

The 1920s The Jazz Age, silent movies, cool cars and fab fashions. Plus I’d look great in a flapper dress, being somewhat on the slim side.

Photo Credit: christine592

3 The Roman Empire

The Roman Empire Smart people, the Romans. Invented straight roads, central heating, and had lots of interesting gods. A kind of early version of the European Union.

Photo Credit: Rich_Lem

4 The 1970s

The 1970s What’s not to love? Flares, glam rock and strikes … okay, forget about the last one. Early Bowie, the Stones, and lots more fab music. I’d love to have been around during the punk era (I was, but a bit too young to appreciate it).

Photo Credit: Szmytke

5 The Restoration

The Restoration After a brief experiment at being a republic in the 1650s, Britain went back to being a monarchy, courtesy of the rather colorful Charles II. Well-known as a bit of a lad, it might be fun to flirt with His Maj and wheedle a duchy out of him (quite a popular route to success in the past. Now it’s reality shows).

Photo Credit: lisby1

6 The Middle Ages

The Middle Ages Castles, jousting, knights and damsels … history was fun then. Ignoring the not-so-fun bits such as wars and plague, of course …

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So which eras would you love to visit? Do you yearn for the past, or are you more of a modern girl? Are you curious about the future?

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