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I have 8 ways to waste time at work. Mind you, I tell you, I do not recommend these ways and you won’t find me doing them at work. I mean, I am my own boss and I am not working on anyone’s time, but if I worked under someone, I couldn’t find myself doing these.

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Playing Computer Games

Oh yes, playing computer games is definitely a sure way to waste time at work. I used to work with someone, someone who was really lazy, who would sit there and play card games on the computer all day, instead of doing work. She even decided to rearrange the desks in the office (got permission from the boss) and the way she arranged the desks were hilarious. She made it where her computer screen could not be seen from the window (the boss liked looking in from the window). She also made it where the boss could not see the screen if he were to walk in. Clever, right? Too bad everyone caught on to this.


Chatting Online

Oh yes, chatting online is a great way to waste time at work. “What are you doing right now?” “I am at work.” “Are you on break?” “No, I’m working.” If you are at work and you are working, then how are you chatting online? Probably waiting for phone calls to come through?


Chatting with Others in the Work Area

Oh yes, make friends with others and chat away. Don’t just make friends with others you work with, make friends with the customers that come in as well – laughing up a storm in the office will be sure to waste lots of time. You know what they say – time flies when you are having fun.


Not Doing Any Work

Hey, not doing any work at all is a great way to waste time. So, if you want to waste time, push all those papers, cleaning supplies or whatever out of your reach and don’t do it.


Play with the Toys

This is perfect if you work in a place like Toys-R-Us! Now, if I catch you playing in the toy aisle and you are an employee, I am going to laugh at you. I mean, how could you not laugh at the site of a grown up sitting on a bouncy ball in their work uniform with a big smile on their face?


Take a Nap in the Bathroom

Extend that bathroom break and take a nap! If you can manage the smell long enough to get some z’s in, this is a good way to waste time. Just place your head on the back of the toilet.


Plan All Family Parties at Work

Hey, you have some family events that need to be planned, don’t you? Try planning them at work! Yep, planning those family hours and getting paid to do so – oh what a life.


Make Phone Calls

Make those personal phone calls while you are at work!

Now, in my opinion, you should not do any of these. You should be as productive as you possibly can while you are at work. Sure, playing a computer game during your break time would be fine and talking would be great, but it shouldn’t be to the point where you get nothing done. Please don’t criticize me for having that opinion. So, what do you do to waste time at work?

Top Photo Credit: Ed Bilodeau

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