7 Worst-Case Scenarios and How to Survive Them ...

Do you ever watch action movies and wonder how the heroes always know just what to do to get them out of those incredible challenges and obstacles? They somehow know how to land a plane that’s been hijacked and taken back after the pilot has a heart attack, and jump from a 5-story building into a moving garbage truck without getting dirty, never mind breaking a leg. How do they do that? Well, aside from having highly-paid stunt doubles, they’ve been trained how to handle every possible worst-case scenario… what do you think James Bond was doing when he was a boy? But I’ve been doing a little research, and now we can be prepared, too! Here are 7 worst-case scenarios and how to survive them. Thank you to that wonderful series of books of the same name!

1. Falling Elevator

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If you’re in an elevator that’s falling fast, don’t panic. Lay flat on the floor with your arms and legs stretched out… this will spread the impact across your body, and will lessen damage. If it’s not a fall that’s too far, you are much more likely to survive than if you were standing up.

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