7 Ways to Get Better Grades ...


7 Ways to Get Better Grades ...
7 Ways to Get Better Grades ...

Are you wondering what you can do to help yourself achieve better grades and more focus in school? Well here is the answer you've been looking for! Here are 7 ways to help you get better grades! ( and they really work too!)

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Sit in the Front of the Class

Sit in the Front of the Class Photo Credit: polkadotandplaid

I know that sitting up front will make it harder for you to pass notes or play footsie with the person beside you. But that's sorta the point! Sitting up front will help you to focus and pay better attention so you can retain more information. By remembering more of the lesson and what the teacher said, when it comes time to do your homework or complete a project, you will be able to do a good job!


Choose Interesting Classes

Choose Interesting Classes Photo Credit: chigmaroff

If you actually LIKE the class you are going to, you will find it much easier to keep from getting bored in the first place. Now I realize in high school, you can't always choose every class you would like to go to. But for those classes, try to find something interesting about the class. Maybe you don't like world history. But you can like the way the teacher presents the lessons, or assignments she hands out. If you are determined to succeed, you won't fail!


Ask Questions and Volunteer Answers in Class

Ask Questions and Volunteer Answers in Class Photo Credit: terracentrospanishschool

Not only will this get you noticed by the teacher, but it will help you remember and be more informed about things. It helps you make sure you pay attention too! The added benefit is that some teachers will give extra credit for class participation whether they tell you so or not.


Study at a Table

Study at a Table Photo Credit: merphi

I obviously don't need to point out that in order to get good grades you need to study, but it may be worth mentioning that you need to make sure you study at a table. Studying while laying down on a bed can divert your focus. Make sure you have no distractions around, no phones or TV to snatch your attention. A radio playing soft classical music, plenty of sharp pencils and erasers and highlighters along with something to drink nearby will help keep you refreshed and concentrated on your work. Sitting in a chair will help you keep good posture so your back doesn't get cramped.


Give Yourself a Break

Give Yourself a Break Photo Credit: ~*Sweetpea*~

It's almost pointless to try and work and study for hours on end with no break. Especially right after you get out of school. Give yourself and hour or so of a break to watch TV or chat with a friend and let your brain relax. Then, give yourself a break every 30 minutes or so from homework just to refresh your mind. Decide that after a certain time each day you will put up the studying entirely and do something fun!


Don't Procrastinate

Don't Procrastinate Photo Credit: pardon my vintage

Procrastination is your biggest enemy sometimes. When Working on a school project or a paper, especially one that will count for a big part of your grade, make sure you start on it plenty of time in advance. Waiting till the last minute will make you feel rushed and you may not get to be as creative as you would like or do as good of a job as you could. Worse case scenario: You could be late! Not good for your grades' sake!


Join a Study Group or Find a Study Partner

Join a Study Group or Find a Study Partner Photo Credit: AXEHD

Motivation in any form is always a good thing. In a study group you will feel more pressure to stay on top of your class and if it's a friend, you've got that personal, one-on-one time together to drill each other and offer suggestions or advice. Maybe it's your best friend, or maybe a sibling. Whoever it is, make sure you pick a time at least once a week to study together, and be serious about it. No goofing off!

Getting better grades all boils down to a few main things. Discipline and motivation are two of them. If you feel like school is a bore and a drag, you need to try hard to get past that way of thinking. Your education is important! No matter what you choose to do in life, you will at least need a high school diploma for just about any job you apply for. Then there's college. Work hard to achieve good grades and you will have better opportunities in life!

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