7 Tips on Finding Motivation to Go to College ...


7 Tips on Finding Motivation to Go to College ...
7 Tips on Finding Motivation to Go to College ...

I know not everyone is cut out for college. I’ve heard a few really lame reasons for not attending college and for not even attempting to enroll in at least one or two classes. If you find yourself having doubts about college or needing a boost towards getting started in college, then these 7 tips on finding motivation to go to college might help.

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Kids Are a Great Motivational Tool

If you are already a parent, but haven’t been able to complete a college degree, then this should be excellent motivation for getting back into the swing of taking classes. Completing a college degree is the best way you can help your kids have a better future. Not only will you be able to provide them with more by being better qualified for jobs, but


Think about How Fast Technology is Advancing

The ideas that people come up with daily happen at an alarming rate. Just thinking about the new jobs being created and the old ones that are being updated is enough to make me look into what types of college courses I should be enrolling in. The only way to keep up with the requirements necessary for the job market is by going to college. Very few occupations are able to be applied for by individual with only a high school degree.


Be a Good Role Model for Others

Maybe you have a younger sibling who looks up to you. Setting a good example for this sibling will not only help your brother or sister make a better life for him/herself, but you will also feel a sense of accomplishment. Parents always try to steer their kids in the right direction. Sometimes it takes a sibling or good friend to demonstrate a particular behavior for kids to take interest. Showing a sibling or friend that going to college is a good thing just might get them off on the right foot as well.


Consider College as a Way to Increase Pay

Some jobs can be attained straight out of high school or with a GED, but most businesses want people who have at least some college under their belt. If you already have a job, then getting a pay increase is often possible by taking some additional college courses. In short; the more education you have, the higher your pay will be. There are always exceptions to this rule, but for the most part it works.


Think of All the New People You Will Meet

People usually attend college to get a degree, but there are some who also have an ulterior motive; to find a mate. College is also a great place to make new friends. Some of my closest friends were classmates of mine in college and we still keep in touch. The desire to make new friends shouldn’t be the main reason you decide to go to college, but I think gaining new friendships should be considered a bonus.


College is a Great Place to Learn Independence

I’ve known people that have never been away from home until their freshman year of college. This is usually why most colleges require students to spend the first two years in dorm rooms, instead of living off campus. Living in dorms allows students to learn how to be on their own, but to have a connection with other people who are also living apart from their family. Gaining independence can be a strong motivational tool used for getting people interested in going to college.


Imagine the Sense of Accomplishment That Will Come with Getting a Degree

The feeling that goes hand-in-hand with gaining a degree in college is amazing. It doesn’t matter if you attend a 2-year or 4-year college. Once you’ve completed the required amount of schooling required for your goal, you’ll be extremely pleased with yourself. I can recall a number of tasks I started with doubt in my mind about being able to finish the task at hand. I was hesitant about the whole college thing during my first semester of classes. After I became comfortable with my surroundings and started to enjoy each class it was much easier to work harder towards my getting my degree. When graduation day finally rolled around I couldn’t believe at how much I had accomplished over the 4-year term. It was a fantastic feeling!

Maybe these 7 tips on finding motivation to go to college will steer you towards getting your degree or furthering your education. The benefits greatly outweigh everything else. I definitely recommend at least giving college a try for a year or two. Can you think of other motivational tips that might help someone who is unsure about going to college?

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