7 Ways to Improve Your Grades in School ...


7 Ways to Improve Your Grades in School ...
7 Ways to Improve Your Grades in School ...

Are you a straight A student? If you are, my guess is you wouldn’t be reading this article! So if you’re serious about improving your grades, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 ways to improve your grades in school!

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Pay Attention in Class

Pay Attention in Class Photo Credit: ANVRecife

If you clown around and pass notes during class, there’s no way you can make a good grade unless you have superpowers that do your homework for you! Make sure that you focus on the teacher and listen carefully to the lesson and assignment. If necessary, sit near the front of the class so you won’t be tempted to whisper to other classmates.


Actually do Your Homework Assignments

Actually do Your Homework Assignments Photo Credit: pintavelloso

Did you know that your homework counts as a pretty big chunk of your grade? Telling your teacher that your dog ate your homework won’t really smooth it over. If you didn’t do the assignment, be honest. She may give you some extra time and you can learn a lesson- make sure it doesn’t happen again!


Be Certain You Understand the Lesson

Be Certain You Understand the Lesson Photo Credit: mijita

Don’t feel embarrassed if you need to ask a few questions after class to make sure you know exactly what’s expected. That’s part of getting good grades! Clear knowledge and understanding will take you far in school and in life in general so sharpen your learning abilities now while you are young! When that report card comes in, it will be worth it!


Identify Your Weak Points

Identify Your Weak Points Photo Credit: lilpuddlejumpers

Look over your past report cards and work assignments. What areas did you struggle in? What classes do you find least interesting and most difficult? Pinpoint those areas, then work extra hard on them. Don’t fail! Find ways to make it fun and help you enjoy it so you can keep your grades up.


Ask What You Can do for Extra Credit

Ask What You Can do for Extra Credit Photo Credit: Christian Stepien.com

Teachers love a student who is serious about their work. If there is a subject you are failing in and you are doing your best to keep up, ask your teacher if there is something you can do for extra credit. Most likely she will be willing to help you out since she sees that you are trying to do better.


Get Serious

Get Serious Photo Credit: David Kozlowski

You will never succeed if you don’t want to and don’t try. Get serious! Go to bed early on school nights so you will be well rested. Eat a good breakfast each morning so you can focus. Take all your assignments to school and keep some sharpened pencils handy at all times during class. And most importantly: Apply yourself!


Ask for Help

Ask for Help Photo Credit: anthonyasael

Sometimes it comes down to the nitty-gritty. If you are failing and you can’t fix it, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Your teacher, your parents, a sibling or even another classmate are all people you could talk to for advice, tutoring sessions or just encouragement. Don’t go to someone that you know won’t take you seriously, but choose someone you can trust and confide in. Don’t let your grades suffer because of your pride!

Getting good grades is more than just looking good or being teachers pet. It’s an education, and later on in life it WILL account for more than you realize. You will reap the benefits of your efforts to get good grades when you apply for college or for a job. So work hard now that you might have opportunities later!

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