9 Tips for an Extraordinary School Year ...


9 Tips for an Extraordinary School Year ...
9 Tips for an Extraordinary School Year ...

School has finally became part of your normal routine again this year and life seems to be falling into place pretty well, right? With preparations for the holidays and vacations so close, schedules may be on the turn around. How do you continue things flowing in the right direction while maintaining your kids (and yours!) agenda? How is it possible to have an extraordinary school year? Here are my nine favorite tips!

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Make a Super Cute Book Bag

Make a Super Cute Book Bag Photo Credit: marie emily

Does your child have a favorite t-shirt he or she has outgrown but can’t bear to throw away? Make a book back out it! Cut the sleeves and collar off. Sew the bottom together and use a little bit of fabric glue to keep the edges of the sleeve and collar from unraveling. Cute!


Use Online Orders as a Geography Lesson

Use Online Orders as a Geography Lesson Photo Credit: guccio at Moleskiner.net

During the holidays, do you order things from the Internet? If so, let your child track the progress of your shipments by marking them on a map. Of course, make sure the gifts aren’t for your child!


Teach Left and Right Orientation

Teach Left and Right Orientation Photo Credit: the leightons uk

Your toddler is not too young to learn right and left. Make a foot mat! Dip their feet in paint and let them step on a place matt or small rug. When the paint dries, show them how to place their shoes on top of their painted foot pattern.


Keep Track of Passwords

Keep Track of Passwords Photo Credit: workmana10

You child probably uses the Internet quite often for homework assignments. An easy way to keep track of all the usernames and passwords is by placing the websites in an address book. Keep the websites in alphabetical order and record the password and username under the website.


Picture the Perfect Lunch

Picture the Perfect Lunch Photo Credit: StreetFly JZ

Buy a metal lunch box and a magnetic photo frame. Everyday when you pack the lunch box put a different photo in the frame. This may help with anxiety separation.


Surprise Alarm

Surprise Alarm Photo Credit: Kristian Hedberg

Does you daughter still dread the early wake up call? Surprise her in the morning with a special ring tone on your phone. After he is asleep, slip into her room and lay your phone on her nightstand. Be sure and have the alarm set on her favorite song, maybe something she isn’t expecting!


Jazz Jewelry

Jazz Jewelry Photo Credit: VickieHowell

Make a whole armload of these cute bracelets to liven up your daughter’s wardrobe. Use an old sweater or sweatshirt and cut the cuffs from the sleeves. Dress them up by sewing on funky buttons, felt objects, or bright beads. She can arrive at school in her own style.


Another Fabulous Way to Use an Old T-shirt

Another Fabulous Way to Use an Old T-shirt Photo Credit: Bunnyrel

Make a cool scarf. Cut a diagonal piece from bottom to shoulder, starting at the front. Continue down the back with another diagonal cut. Make sure the bottom piece is wider than the shoulder piece.


Dress up the Shoes

Dress up the Shoes Photo Credit: the_magic_bartender

Don’t forget your shoes while you are revamping your daughter’s wardrobe. Decorate sneakers with markers, pom-poms, googly eyes, and felt cutouts.

As the school year presses on and things begin to get boring, or hectic, small changes can help even things out. How do you

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