10 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School ...


10 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School ...
10 Easy Ways to Raise Money for Your School ...

It seems that school budgets keep getting smaller and smaller as the states cut back on their education budgets. Lots of parents are getting involved, helping their neighborhood schools to raise money for things like field trips, guest speakers, books for the library, and more! Here are some easy ways we've found to raise money for your school! Some of these are one-time fundraisers for your school, and some are ongoing projects... and all of them are easy!

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Box Tops for Education

Box Tops for Education Photo Credit: ladybugbkt

Is there anything better than free money for your school? This program is so easy, it's a wonder every school in the nation isn't participating. Parents and teachers just look for the little coupons on grocery items they buy every week, from Nature Valley granola bars to cold cereal to juice! Tear off the coupons, bring them to school, then the school ships them in for cold hard cash!


Campbell's Soup Labels

Campbell's Soup Labels Photo Credit: StevenBrisson

This program works very much like the Box Tops. Simply remove the coupon part of the label, save them up in a pile, then take them to school. The school can trade them in for cash, or they can cash them in for library books, gym equipment, and art supplies.


Bottle Return

Bottle Return Photo Credit: Aine D

Here in Michigan, there's a ten-cent deposit on bottles of any juice, soda, water, or alcohol with carbonation. The store charges you the deposit up front, then you save the bottles and return them for the cash. Send home a flyer asking parents to send in their empties (rinsed out, of course!) and then have the student council sort them and take them back. At a dime apiece, the total cash will add up quickly!


Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling Photo Credit: GatorJake12

Call your local recycling center and see if they offer a recycling program fundrasier for schools. We have a large dumpster outside of my daughter's elementary school that collects paper, and for every four tons they collect, the school earns $60. Four tons may seem like a lot of paper, but there are hundreds of families at our school, so we reach our quota very quickly, and we're helping the environment!


Inkjet/Cell Phone Recycling

Inkjet/Cell Phone Recycling Photo Credit: ydhsu

Our elementary school also collects used and broken cell phones, ink jet cartridges, and handheld electronics (like MP3 players and video game systems) then they send them in for recycling for a few dollars each. If that iPod or cell phone is broken, why are you still holding on to it? Send it to school for recycling, and help your school earn some extra cash! Visit EcoPhones.com for more information, and a list of the items they accept.


After-school Movies

After-school Movies Photo Credit: templenews

Another easy way for your school to earn money is by hosting an after-school movie for the kids to watch. Choose something completely family-friendly (like "Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs" or any of the Disney Pixar films) and charge one dollar admission. Provide a small snack and juice box for an extra dollar, and you're sure to make at least $200 in that one afternoon!


Trunk Show or Art Show

Trunk Show or Art Show Photo Credit: thefunkyfelter

Invite parents who sell hard-crafted items or Avon or Tupperware or Gold Canyon Candles to sell their items one night at the school, a trunk show! Most vendors will offer a small percentage of their sales to the school, so this is a great way to help the parents AND the school earn money! Or, hold an art show where allof the kids get to show, and sell, their works of art, like paintings, macaroni necklaces, friendship bracelets, sculptures, and more!


Family Game Night

Family Game Night Photo Credit: pbrian49

Host a family game night at the school in the lunch-room. Each famil or two gets their own table for playing games. Each family can being their own board or card games, or the school can help provide them. Charge a dollar for admission, and sell snacks, too.


Silent Auction

Silent Auction Photo Credit: The Felt Mouse

Ask local vendors to donate items or services for a silent auction, then send home a list of the items and ask the parents to bid on them. Of course, the highest bidder wins, but the fun part is that no-one knows the amount that anyone else has bid! Items can include gift baskets, massages, memberships to a gym, or a gift certificate for a dinner for two!


Dinner out

Dinner out Photo Credit: Krynowek Eine [el Eine]

Many local restaurants will host a school fundraising night, when all of the diners who mention the school will have a portion of their sales go back to the school. This works really well at pizza places, for both carry-out and dine in!

With so many easy ways to earn money for your school, there's bound to be something on my list you can do! We've tried all of these with a lot of success, and all of them were fun, too! Which of these have you tried? Do you have other tips on earning money for your school? Do you know of a great fundraiser? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: schol8home

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