7 Things Billionaires Can do That We Can't ...


7 Things Billionaires Can do That We Can't ...
7 Things Billionaires Can do That We Can't ...

To me, it seems rare to find a billionaire sitting around with nothing to do. People with billions of dollars might be a rare breed, but they do tend to stand out from the rest. I’d like to think that I wouldn’t change much if I suddenly became rich. Then again, who knows, I might do some of the following things myself, just because I could. Here are 7 things billionaires can do that we can’t.

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Buy an Island

Buy an Island Photo Credit: Edgar Barany

An island can cost between 10 to 45 million and sometimes a bit more than this. Some billionaires probably find this amount to be mere pocket change. Not only would a billionaire be able to afford to buyan island, but getting to said island would also not be a problem. I’m sure some billionaires own more than one island and simply rotate living on them all. Sounds like fun to me!


Build the Home of Their Dreams and Include Lots of Extras

Build the Home of Their Dreams and Include Lots of Extras Photo Credit: StartedByAMouse

I know plenty of people who design and build their own homes and they aren’t billionaires or even millionaires. However, these individuals rarely throw in all the bells and whistles that someone with billions of dollars would be capable of. Imagine, besides the home of your dreams you’d be able to put in a gigantic pool, intricate gardens, a hedge maze, a personal airport or helicopter launch pad, and a train to ride around your enormous stretch of land.


Employ Staff to do Things for Them

Employ Staff to do Things for Them Photo Credit: BarGal

I doubt billionaires ever have to do much on their own. Staff is generally employed to devise the menu, cook, clean, run errands, take care of the kids,manage finances, and any combination of all of these, plus a few other tasks. I know I’d get bored not being able to do things for myself, but I would enjoy having the help from time to time. Who wouldn’t?


Collect Expensive Items

Collect Expensive Items Photo Credit: Love is the key

Art seems to be a popular way to spend money for billionaires. Some collect cars, yachts, property, rare stamps, or jewelry. I bet a billionaire would be able to easily have more than one collection. I can’t think of anything that I’d like to spend loads of money on to collect. Well, I wouldn’t mind having a collection of exotic animals. The only downfall to that type of collection is the constant maintenance they would each require; feeding, watering, cleaning, and upkeep on their individual habitats.


Own a Sports Team

Own a Sports Team Photo Credit: Charley And The Cake Factory

Many people think about baseball, basketball, and football when someone mentions owning a sports team. There are also people who own hockey teams and racing teams as well. A billionaire could own one of each if he/she wanted to. Some billionaires might see owning a team as a type of investment, while others make this purchase simply because they want to. There are plenty of pros and cons with owning a team of any type. A billionaire who is a sports enthusiast will most likely overlook the cons and only focus on the pros of owning a team.


Travel Whenever and to Wherever They Want

Travel Whenever and to Wherever They Want Photo Credit: Imapix

It must be nice to get the urge to go somewhere and to be able to do it as soon as this urge arises. Billionaires aren’t restricted to a specific part of the worldor the country in which they reside. They don’t have to wait in long lines at the airport and they usually don’t even have to fight with traffic on the freeway to get tothe airportin the first place. Most own private jets, helicopters, or boats that can magically transport them to any destination of their choice.


Just about Anything They Want to do

Just about Anything They Want to do Photo Credit: SamO.5

That is, anything that can be physically obtained. Not everything can be bought. For instance, talent, love, and acceptance are a few things that are either earned or rely on a person’s character; sometimes both. I know a few people who enjoy their material possessions, but they aren’tvery happybecause they don’t have anyone to share these items with. I think I’d much rather have someone to pass the time with and enjoy life with than have only billions of dollars to keep me entertained.

Money is one of those things that can be used for good or it can be thrown away on something that is completely useless. If I suddenly came into a large sum of money, I like to think that I would be able to put it to good use. Do you have something else that you could add to this list of 7 things billionaires can do that we can’t? What would you do with your money if you became a billionaire?

Top Photo Credit: PatrickSmithPhotography

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they can do lots of shopping.. :D

Nicest dresses,shoes.foods,travelling.........

What about things we can do but they can't do freely??? :(

I never want to be mega-ultra-super rich. First, I know I'm weak, so I'll end up beeing f*cked up, and the most important is that, then I won't know who my real friends are, and that's just sad. Buuut Im jelaous about traveling point :D

Hi, Nice and inspired blog text. Congratulations! I will suggest two essential things about billionaires and You will have a nine face model: 1- They can always use the Billionaire Club (exclusive), "normal people" not... And 2- They can "understand" Shakespeare better than us... "To be or not to be - that is the question" (they know exactly what’s the meaning). I know two billionaires, excellent clients...they are really special people...but I believe that the difference from "normal people" start with the willing force. They believe with stronger conviction... and they don't talk so much about their plans. And they don't shop all things. Who have money and spend that without control, will be never a millionaire...its a poor mind concept. To grow up, and be a billionaire or, at minimum, a millionaire, we must search for good investing and opportunities to multiply whatever we have. Regards from Brazil

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