7 Books to Help You Find Financial Freedom ...

Have you ever logged on to your online banking just to see a number that makes your stomach drop? If you struggle with finances, you aren’t alone. It is hard to stretch a dollar these days with rising food and gas prices. Sometimes it seems like the harder you work, the less money you have in the bank. The good news is that several books have been written which should help you find the financial freedom that you desire. You should plan on purchasing more than one book on financial freedom because each book takes a different approach to the issue of finances and has fresh tips that will help you save a couple of bucks. Here are the top 7 books to help you find financial freedom.

1. The Power to Prosper: 21 Days to Financial Freedom by Michelle Singletary

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Price: $9.87 at amazon.com

This author’s plan is two-fold. Her first goal is to teach you how to get by on just the bare necessities of life, and she challenges you to go one month without making any excess purchases. Not only will this show you how easily you can get by without things like trips to the movie theatre and that extra candy bar at the gas station, but it will also help you create a small savings in your bank account.

2. Girl, Get Your Credit Straight! by Glinda Bridgeforth

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Price: $11.07 at amazon.com

The nice thing about this book is that it is written by someone who was once in the exact same position that you are in, living paycheck to paycheck and having no idea how to break the pattern. This book takes a very realistic approach to obtaining financial freedom.

3. Pay It down!: Debt-Free on $10 a Day by Jean Chatzky

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Price: $5.60 at amazon.com

If you are in debt, you know how difficult it is to change your circumstances. This book explores the most sensible ways that you can get yourself out of debt in a hurry.

4. The Money Class: Learn to Create Your New American Dream by Suze Orman

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Price: $14.92 at amazon.com

The great thing about this book is that it talks about every aspect of your life. The author discusses what needs to happen so that you have enough money set aside for things like purchasing a home, providing a college education for your kids, saving for retirement, and still having enough money left over so that you can enjoy life.

5. Your Credit Score, Your Money & What's at Stake by Liz Pulliman Weston

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Price: $12.91 at amazon.com

It seems like every time we turn around we are hearing about our credit score and the importance of making sure that it as high as we can possibly make it. This book unravels the mystery of the credit score and then provides helpful suggestions about what you can do to help improve the number and increase the odds that you will be approved for your next loan.

6. Easy Money-Simplify Your Finances and Get What You Want out of Life by Liz Pulliman Weston

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Price: $12.07 at amazon.com

The really nice thing about this book is that you do not need a background in finances to understand it. You also won’t need tons of money just so that you can get a little set aside. This book provides tips that everyone, no matter what their tax bracket, can follow and utilize.

7. Negotiate and Settle Your Debts: a Debt Settlement Strategy by Mandy Ackridge

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Price: $9.43 at amazon.com

This book is an excellent choice for anyone who is staring at a huge mountain of debt and does not know what they are going to do. This author will guide you through the steps of debt settlement and help you shrink your debt, making it easier for you to cope with.

None of these books will do you any good if they are just collecting dust on your bookcase. If you are serious about obtaining financial freedom you are actually going to have read them and follow their advice. You also need to keep in mind that it is going to take some time for you to be on solid financial ground again. Use these 7 books to help you find financial freedom and brighten your future. What is your favorite tool to use for keeping track of your finances?

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