7 Ways I Could Be a Careless Spender ...


7 Ways I Could Be a Careless Spender ...
7 Ways I Could Be a Careless Spender ...

Ways I Could Be a Careless Spender vary, but they have many things in common -- like excess. I mean, let’s face it. Most “normal” people in the world today live day to day on a budget. Sometimes, it is hard enough to simply buy groceries and pay the bills. For those of us who fall into this category, it is fun to dream sometimes about how to be a careless spender. Of course, most of these ideas are only dreams. I spend a lot of time fantasizing about ways I could be a careless spender. I would probably never be able to afford to do these things, but it would be so easy… Here are just some of the ways I could be a careless spender.

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Expensive Jewelry

Expensive Jewelry I don’t think I own any jewelry that cost more than $500. It would be fun, and so easy, to walk into the jewelry store and say, “I can’t decide which one I like the best. I’ll take one of everything!” That's just one of the ways I could be a careless spender.


Expensive Cars

Expensive Cars I drive a used car and have only owned a brand new truck, one time in my life. Wouldn’t it be so nice to walk onto a car lot and pick one extremely overpriced, outrageously fabulous, expensive car to drive straight off the lot? Hmm…what would I pick?


Expensive Clothes

Expensive Clothes I am not a big clothes spender because I really do not have the money to spend on expensive clothes. I usually have to buy my clothes from the clearance racks. But I love them a great deal so it doesn’t bother me. But if I had the money, one of the ways I could be a careless spender would be to visit all the high end fashion places and never blink an eye!


Expensive Shoes

Expensive Shoes After you have worn a nice pair of shoes, you will never want to go back to the cheap $15.99 specials at your average retail store. Good, expensive shoes are so comfortable, not to mention beautiful. If I had the money, I would pack my closet full of name brand shoes. Wouldn’t you?


Expensive Handbags

Expensive Handbags A purse is just something you carry around to hold a few important necessities while you are away from home, right? Then why is it you feel so special when an expensive piece of arm candy is wrapped around you wrist or draped from your shoulder? Buying expensive handbags is definitely one of the ways I could be a careless spender.


Expensive Furniture

Expensive Furniture For the first time in my life, I was able to go buy a brand new bed room set, living room set, and now I am on my way to buy a new dinette set. It is an awesome feeling to surround my home with such nice items. I love it!


Expensive Vacations

Expensive Vacations My family takes a vacation every year. We love getting away for the week and simply enjoying no schedule, no cooking, no cleaning and having fun together. But If I had the money to spend, one of the best ways I could be a careless spender would be to go on some exotic vacation where money is simply something to carry around in my pocket. Where would I go? Everywhere!

As you can plainly see, there are lots of ways I could be a careless spender. These are basic things that most people get to enjoy, but not at a level of careless spending. Although these are all ways I could be a careless spender, I'm not really sure if I ever really would. For most of us, we have all these things, we just have them on a budget. Chances are, if I had the money and could choose between all these ways I could be a careless spender, I'd probably focus on one or two, but not all of them. So how would you incorporate these ways to be a careless spender?

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