15 Most Romantic Destinations for Your Honeymoon ...

You’ve been dreaming about your honeymoon from the time you were sixteen or even less. Now that you’re married, this is where you can make that a reality!

"It’s hard, let me tell you, to plan a honeymoon. I mean, planning a wedding is hard, but planning a honeymoon is not much easier. Not for us, anyway. We felt as though we had so many options, and so many places we wanted to go, but none of them felt quite right. A honeymoon, so it goes, is supposed to be some sort of exotic, romantic, sun-drenched escape with bottomless piña coladas, the proverbial trip of a lifetime. It’s an exciting proposition to go away like that, with no obligations or agendas. It’s also pretty daunting."
Molly, Orangette

Do not waste your chance and make your honeymoon really special. Just pick the right destination!

1. Tahiti ...

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This island paradise beckons you with pristine and sun kissed beaches, peaceful villages and thatch-roofed hideaways. You can relax at the Polynesian spas or go snorkeling or boating with your spouse. The warmth of your Tahitian hosts will linger in your heart as you return home.

"Sooo.....here are some photos from our AMAZING honeymoon in TAHITI! It was the most wonderful trip of our lives! We got PADI certified for SCUBA diving...we saw SO many cool fish, a plane-wreck, and a couple of boat-wrecks. We also swam with dolphins, took a one-man scooter (with both of us on it!) around the entire island of Moorea, ate amazing meals, and much more. More to come..."
N E W L Y W E D * N E W S

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