Eat Well on Your Honeymoon


Eat Well on Your Honeymoon
Eat Well on Your Honeymoon

We've finally reached my favorite part of wedding season: the honeymoon! Whether you're relaxing at a spa, lounging on the beach, or adventuring in the mountains, food is an important part of any honeymoon:• Romantic meals like a picnic under the stars or a rooftop candlelight dinner will add intimacy and excitement and can fit into any honeymoon budget.

• Speak with your hotel concierge, travel agent, or trip planner to see about arranging special dining situations. Mention that you are on your honeymoon and want to plan something memorable and romantic.• If you and your new husband are total foodies, consider a culinary honeymoon in which you take cooking classes or rent a small villa with a private chef.
• Once you've decided on your honeymoon location do your homework. Research restaurants, chefs, and culinary techniques and decide where you want to eat before you arrive.• If honeymooning at a resort with a package deal, investigate if that specific hotel meets your gastronomical needs. Although you're staying in a 4 star hotel it may not house fine dining so look elsewhere to meet your needs.• Paris, Italy, Thailand, New York, and California are all excellent foodie destinations.• Remember that a great way to bond with your husband is to experience new tastes and flavors together, so keep an open mind and give local food a chance.

What did you eat on your honeymoon? Share your stories in the comments!

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