8 British Beaches You Have to Visit ...


8 British Beaches You Have to Visit ...
8 British Beaches You Have to Visit ...

Britain isn’t usually known as somewhere to holiday, mainly due to the low temperatures. And when you imagine British beaches, you are probably thinking of screaming children, donkey rides, and an ice cream man. There are some lesser known beaches, though, that can rival anywhere for beauty. It’s about time you checked them out...

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Rhossili Bay, Swansea

Rhossili Bay, Swansea Photo Credit: Rob Funffinger

Rhossili Bay is one of those places of such beauty that you’ll never want to leave. Watching the sun set over the sand is a view you’ll always remember, and during the day you can soak up the Sun or explore Swansea. The best bit? The beach is usually empty, meaning you get the whole place to yourselves.


Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire

Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire Photo Credit: PhotographyDavidSmith.c om (Aka Wiffsmiff23)

This beautiful Bay isn’t accessible by car, which is why its never full. There are gorgeous natural sand arches, silky sands, gorgeous dunes and the beach is lined with divine woodland, and wildlife. It’s no wonder it was voted the most beautiful beach in Britain...


Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland

Bamburgh Beach, Northumberland Photo Credit: Pixelda

If you stand on the soft sands of Bamburgh Beach, you can see the proud castle far up, and that for me is the one reason I keep returning. Of course there is masses of golden sands, and a stunning turquoise sea, but the castle looks so, so amazing. The beach looks wild when it rains, and sparkles in the sunlight...it’s divine, whenever you visit.


Luskentyre, Isle of Harris

Luskentyre, Isle of Harris Photo Credit: silverlarynx

Luskentyre is one of those places that feels surreal. The waters are crystal clear, the sands are soft and golden, and the beach runs for three miles so you’ll always find somewhere to be alone. There’s really no way to describe it...you’ll feel like you’ve left the World behind and escaped for a few hours.


Druidstone Beach, Pembrokeshire

Druidstone Beach, Pembrokeshire Photo Credit: Duncan Darbishire

Druidstone is a gorgeous place, and the beach is the perfect place to walk your dog and reflect on life. The low tide is fantastically contrasted by the mountainous views, and the rocky coastline...it’s stunning. The sand is silky and soft, and you’ll never want to go. Make a night of it, and stay in the nearby Druidstone Hotel.


Kynance Cove, Cornwall

Kynance Cove, Cornwall Photo Credit: kernowseb

While this beach is stunning in the sunshine, with its purple, red and blue tinged rocks and the mass of islands and coves just waiting to be discovered, it’s even more amazing during storms. The usually clear and tranquil sea looks amazing as it smashes against rocks and coastlines...it’s a truly once in a lifetime experience.


The Bar and Cove Vean, St Agnes

The Bar and Cove Vean, St Agnes Photo Credit: elegaer

A white sanded beach, and one in the perfect spot to get some of the hottest temperatures, this is a wild island with a perfectly wild beach. Cove Vean is divine, a perfect sandy cove with water that is deep enough to swim in and a rocky view. When the tide is low, you can even wade through the water to the Island across the way...


Fidden Bay, Mull

Fidden Bay, Mull Photo Credit: alicemcinnes

This really is the beach you dreamed about as a child. The sand is white, the coves look like they are made of icing sugar and the sea is clear. Paddle in the sun-warmed water, let the sand run through your fingers, and if the tide is low enough wander over to the uninhabited island of Erraid, which has some stunning views. The perfect day out.

Reminiscing has made me desperate to visit these beaches again...they really are hidden treasures. You’ll be so, so glad you visited, and counting the days until you can come back. Have you visited an amazing beach in Britain, or found a gorgeous cove? Please tell me about it!

Top Photo Credit: ©Komatoes

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