5 Megan Fox Wittcisms to Entertain You ...

You gotta hand it to Megan Fox. She doesn't give a boring interview. For every interview that she does, we get a glimpse of this girl's seemingly complicated mind. For every interview that she does, you think that you finally have her figured out but you realize that Megan Fox remains as inscrutable as Don Corleone during his business meetings.

From revelations about lesbianism to throwing negative remarks about certain celebrities, Megan Fox has done (er.. said) it all. In fact, for every interview that she does we always get ourselves a few batch of Megan W-T-Foxisms. Does she do it for publicity? Is she really as not gifted in the brains department as some film industry insiders have claimed to say? No matter the reason, let's thank Megan Fox for chasing boredom away. At least until the interview is over.

1. "Men Are Scared of Vaginas"

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That's the secret of her success. Or so she told Rolling Stones when she was promoting her new movie, Jennifer's Body. To the men who happen by this site, is this true? In the same interview, she said that things get so intense with her boyfriend that she has threatened to stab him. Okay, to the men who happen by this site, you don't have to answer the question I posed earlier. The answer is clear.

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